Nexus Theme – A Versatile Magazine Theme for WordPress

With magazine style themes for WordPress you can create a content heavy website and still make it look stylish and simple to navigate. Magazine style websites is like and evolution of the traditional blog design that have been optimized for front and archive pages with a lot of content. Typically, these themes have grid layouts with many options for showing off content from various categories with featured images and social share options. In this review, Iwill look closer into the Nexus theme from Elegant Themes and dive into some of the details and functions. Let us find out how Nexus can make your content stand out and help you set up a professional online magazine..

Nexus theme is a WordPress magazine style theme from with a clean and pleasant design. It is responsive that and will support your mobile strategy well. The theme offers great typographical and each element like the heading, body and header-footer text have perfectly aligned font sizes and colors for a magazine style. Further, with this theme you can ensure that your most important posts get the most prominent spots in front of your visitors. Nexus comes with a easy to use built in homepage builder that allows you to customize by drag and drop. This way you can set up your site the way you want.  Apart from this, the theme also includes tons of nice shortcodes for more custom element design as well as unlimited color feature in Theme Customizer. Nexus also has an integrated review rating system for a better scorings needed for products you have. This theme also comes with page templates for the most common pages you need, such as contact us. Let us get right into this theme’s features.

The Nexus Theme homepage immediately wows with its eye catching Image Grids that display your Post and its corresponding image.  The Menu is on top and highlights the tab of the page you are on. It also has Social Media icons integrated under the Menu for easy social media linking.

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30 Cool Looking Websites with Drop Down Menus

Drop down menus typically appear on websites that are content rich and need easy navigation. They allow their visitors to access categories and content without exerting a lot of search or effort – one click and they have what they want.

Navigation is a major key element in creating a successful website. A well-structured and clean site navigation is essential in the design of an effective user interface. Multi-level drop down menus are perfect if you are managing a site with several levels of content hierarchy. Typically, the design pattern for multi level menu websites has a submenu of navigation items that appear, whenever users hover over the main navigation item. The design, layout and color schemes vary a lot and some website even use icons to help usability.

In this collection we are showcasing various kinds of websites using drop down menus for your design inspiration. The menus can appear horizontally or vertically, but all are created with the user in mind. It is worth looking for multi level menu websites that have made their navigation responsive, flexible and interactive.

Please tell us what you think of this post through the comment section below. Perhaps you are already with a using the perfect multi level menu already? If this post inspired you, please share it with friends who might also be motivated by multi level menu websites.
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30+ Great Examples Of Transparency In Website Design

Discovering new ways to make your website design stand out is a never-ending search. New possibilities and technologies are introduced almost daily and trends come and go.

One of the effective design techniques often used in website design to simulate depth and give visitors a visual wow experience is transparency. This technique is often used on creative websites where it is typically applied to design elements in the front and this way making the background partly visible. Transparency in web design is often implemented using CSS3 styling and by lowering the opacity of elements such as text, images and div tags.

For this post, I have found some great examples on how amazing a web design can be, when the transparency technique is used right. I hope you will find the inspiration you came looking for and needed for your next design project. Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter if you think your colleagues will benefit from reading this as well. Enjoy!

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40+ Unconventional Web Design Examples

In this post, I have compiled a list of more than 40 unconventional web design inspirations. While browsing on my list, you will realize that every design offers something special that hopefully will inspire you. The website in this post may even provide you with some ideas for your own successful web design projects.

The examples of unconventional web design that I included in this collection relates to a group of web designers who are willing to put in huge amount of resources to make their web pages look very appealing. Web design has developed into a very creative field and interactive designs and dynamic websites has become fashion statements and trendsetters.

Future advances in web technology are paving the way for designers to provide more creative designs, which can ultimately lead to the breaking of traditional web design layouts and rules. The unique and often unconventional web designs that we see today are powered by CMS’s, HTML5, CSS3 and other modern tools like jQuery – and know no limits. They allow web designers to be free, imaginative, creative but purposeful.

I hope that you like my collection of unconventional web design specimens. Please let us know which design is your favorite through the comment section below. Perhaps you are also a web designer and have created an unconventional design yourself? Or maybe you know of some unconventional web designs, which I failed to include in my list? To let your friends profit from my collection I encourage you to share this post with them.
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Widgets Controller – A Great Free Widget Management Plugin

Widgets are WordPress extensions used to add new functions to a WordPress based website. It may be a calendar, search bar or pretty much any functionality that you can think of. Widgets support drag and drop placement in WordPress sidebars and they are very popular. There thousands of WordPress plugins available that expose their functions through widget and more and more themes use sidebars as placeholder all over the theme making it possible to use widgets in many new ways.

The sidebar/widget system is a great function in WordPress, however, often more control is required concerning on what pages, posts, and categories widgets are visible. Fortunately, there is an available WordPress plugin to address this issue.

Widgets Controller plugin is a great free option to control how your widgets display on the website. When adding a new widget you can simply select where it is going to be visible. It includes support for 404, home page and search page as well.

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KnowHow – A WordPress Knowledge Base/Wiki Theme

WordPress has been one of the favorite platforms for bloggers over the past 10 years. However, the extent of WordPress use does not end there, it is now used for online shops, company branded websites, online portfolios and more. Some have even used WordPress for setting up knowledgebase and wiki style websites. There are even themes built solely for this particular use and one of the recent options worth checking out is KnowHow. It is a WordPress Knowledge Base/Wiki theme.

KnowHow is a unique WordPress theme that is mainly built for categorizing and presenting knowledgebase articles in a clever way. Companies may also benefit greatly from this theme as it may serve as an first line online customer support. The layout and the easy to find search function makes it easy for visitors to locate the topics they need. Now let us dive deeper into the theme and review some of the features.

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70+ Excellent Corporate Website Designs

I personally like modern business style websites a lot and in particular, the recent trend using flat and minimalistic design. As you can see from the examples I have found below, especially corporate websites are excellent at making designs that draw attention and stand out while still representing the feel and purpose of the company in a professional manor.

The ability to tie together the professional look and the need for conveying information in a direct and usable manner is as highly valued as having focus on graphics, layouts and color palettes.

These examples below of corporate website designs show how gracefully you can combine the need for a website with the professional image you wish to represent to visitors. As you can see, there are no golden rule for corporate designs. It is common though to use a slider and columns on the front page to feature important content.

When designing a corporate website you need to find a special style that represent your business and model it into a design that represents the exact look and feel of the business values and products. If you are looking for inspiration for an upcoming business site, you might want to take a look at this article that rounds up some of the best WordPress themes for building business websites.

I hope you will find this collection of excellent corporate website designs useful and that they will give you the needed inspiration for your next project. Enjoy!

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25+ Unusual Geometry in Web Design

I was talking to some colleagues just the other day about the passing and upcoming trends in web design. Some of them stated that web design were becoming more and more uniform and that all websites are molded by very few templates. Further, they said that finding a unique and unusual web design was becoming impossible do to this trend.

Instead of agreeing, I sat down and started to browse the Internet looking for unusual geometry web designs just to see if they were right. While browsing these sites I really was caught up as the effort put into these designs and the artistic touch is just amazing.

Using unusual geometry in your web design does not just look great it is also a way to make your website stand noticeably out in relation to competitors. It is commonly used on portfolio websites and you may want to look for more inspiration in this collection of portfolio website templates.

I have found more than 25 examples on how beautiful a website you can create by thinking outside the box and try to experiment with unusual geometry in your web design. I hope you will find some useful inspiration to get the design process started. Enjoy!

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Review: EffectiveNews – Responsive News Theme For WordPress

With the release after release of promising mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones offering high speed Internet “at-your-fingertips” and easy control of browsing mobile websites are here to stay! Therefore, having a great responsive news site containing lots of great articles and stunning visual content will help you stand out among from the competition. In this review, I will check out EffectiveNews a responsive WordPress news, magazine and blog theme. It is great for presenting tons of news content your visitors will surely love it.

The digital platform has obviously overrun its traditional competitors when it comes to quick and easy solutions for the modern reading customer. Popular news websites such as Huffington Post is accountable for up to 25.000.000 unique monthly visitors. On a news website, visitors are looking for short and fresh updates on relevant topics. With a lot of news stories rolling in daily it is important to have a website layout that have been designed with this in mind. It is important that visitors find what they are looking for immediately and that they have good options for signing up for news updates on social media and feeds.

EffectiveNews has a clean and modern design. It is HTML5 and CSS3 based and fully responsive and mobile friendly. It works mostly on all browsers and definitely fully responsive. It has a Review System for rating news articles and posts build in. You can use percent, star or point systems of rating. You can even place it at the top, bottom or any other custom position you want it to be seen. The Review table is also color customizable with its unlimited color options, thus making it easy to use.

Another feature is the drag and drop HomePage Builder which has a four featured Slider options for featured image display. The theme comes in wide or boxed version layouts. For boxed version, it has five News boxes which you can customize and fill with your featured articles and posts.

It also includes news in pictures or news in tabs for varied post styling. Videos can be added as well for news video clips.  Another amazing feature is its “12 ways to display posts” (4 one columns styles for newsbox, Two column newsbox, 3 blog post style (small, big, Masonry) , Tabs with 2 Styles, Pictures with 2 Styles, scrolling box ) which definitely is preset for the user to choose from.

Feature sliders can also be placed in the category page as well as carousel option in blog style. Page / Post Formats include post with slider, post with featured image, post with video, post with audio. It also contains one of the best collections of custom widget you will be able to find in a news magazine theme. Here are some of them: Social Media widgets (Twitter Feed Widget, Flickr Feed Widget, Facebook like box, Google + box, Unlimited Social Icons Widget and FeedBurner email newsletter widget), Multimedia widgets (Featured Video Widget ( Youtube , Vimeo ) and SoundCloud Widget), Post widgets (posts list without thumbnail widget : Recent/popular/Random, posts list with thumbnail widget and posts in pictures) to Advertisement widgets.

Another cool feature in this theme is the shortcode system that allow easy set up of unique page content. Let us discuss this theme’s features in more detail.

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25+ Best Tumblr Photography Themes – Need An Online Photo Showroom!

Having one of the best Tumblr phtography themes set up on your Tumblr website can help you show off your photos and stand out from the crowd. There is many options and finding the right theme, for your requirements is often a very a time consuming task. Start by listing your expectations and overall layout ideas. Some Tumblr themes for photography websites have a portfolio style, while most still have a traditional blog style layout but with a photography centric look and feel.

To help you dive into the available solutions faster and find the best theme for your Tumblr space, I have made a collection of great looking photo Tumblr templates.

If you are just considering Tumblr as your future publishing platform, I recommend you also consider WordPress. There are so many cool WordPress phtography themes (collection I found on tripwire magazine) out there and WordPress is probably the most popular publishing platform right now.

Tumblr, however, is a microblogging platform and it is perfect for short post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio. One unique feature about Tumblr is that users can follow other users making it a social blogging experience. Tumblr is designed for ease of use and is quite popular with millions of users. This post is a collection of beautiful Tumblr themes for photography portfolios to help you choose among the best Tumblr themes for your Tumblr photo blog.
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