Widgets Controller – A Great Free Widget Management Plugin

Widgets are WordPress extensions used to add new functions to a WordPress based website. It may be a calendar, search bar or pretty much any functionality that you can think of. Widgets support drag and drop placement in WordPress sidebars and they are very popular. There thousands of WordPress plugins available that expose their functions through widget and more and more themes use sidebars as placeholder all over the theme making it possible to use widgets in many new ways.

The sidebar/widget system is a great function in WordPress, however, often more control is required concerning on what pages, posts, and categories widgets are visible. Fortunately, there is an available WordPress plugin to address this issue.

Widgets Controller plugin is a great free option to control how your widgets display on the website. When adding a new widget you can simply select where it is going to be visible. It includes support for 404, home page and search page as well.

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25 Useful WordPress Widget Plugins – Want To Extend WordPress?

WordPress widget plugins work with the easy to use drag and drop content system in WordPress and makes it possible to add content outside the posts and pages without coding. There are many different types of WordPress widgets, and it is amazing what you can add to your site this way. Where you can insert WordPress widgets is, however, highly dependent on the WordPress theme you use. WordPress themes for blogs tend to only have widget areas in the sidebar, while business WordPress themes often have front page layouts with many widget areas. This way you can use the widget system to make fully custom page layouts. Having said that, if flexibility is what you need, you you should look for themes with build in page builders.

For this article I have searched for unique widget plugins for WordPress with cool features. Check them out and please share the article with your friends and coworkers!

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