30+ Great Examples Of Transparency In Website Design

Discovering new ways to make your website design stand out is a never-ending search. New possibilities and technologies are introduced almost daily and trends come and go.

One of the effective design techniques often used in website design to simulate depth and give visitors a visual wow experience is transparency. This technique is often used on creative websites where it is typically applied to design elements in the front and this way making the background partly visible. Transparency in web design is often implemented using CSS3 styling and by lowering the opacity of elements such as text, images and div tags.

For this post, I have found some great examples on how amazing a web design can be, when the transparency technique is used right. I hope you will find the inspiration you came looking for and needed for your next design project. Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter if you think your colleagues will benefit from reading this as well. Enjoy!

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45+ Large Photo Background Website Designs Inspiration

One of the emerging trends in web design is using large photo backgrounds. Depending on the type of business, you are designing the website for the needs will differ however; it seems like large photo backgrounds is catching on widely these days. In addition, it is a trend to use full screen video backgrounds on creative websites such as portfolios and fashion shops.

The use of large photo backgrounds are many as you can see in the examples below, and with the right WordPress photography theme it is actually rather easy mimicking as well. The availability if great designs is amazing – just check this article for inspiration and see for yourself!

The advantages of using large photo backgrounds are many as the design gives you a different appearance compared to other websites. The usage of large images creates a calm yet catchy appear that works wonders when it comes to attracting the visitors attention immediately. On the other hand, it is important to consider load performance as large images with many details take time to download.

For this post, I have found some really great looking examples of large photo background website designs that I hope you will find inspirational and use for designing your own large photo background website. Enjoy!

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40 Clean and Simple Website Design Examples

Looking for the best clean and simple website design examples to model your site after? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of the most outstanding web designs and WordPress themes just for you! Each one of these examples will give your site a neater and more modern look that your visitors will surely be impressed.

The great thing about simple WordPress themes is that they look good on any website regardless of the niche. So whether you’re in the tech, real estate, medical, law or any other industry, our design examples will easily transform your website into one that users will always want to visit.

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