25+ Unusual Geometry in Web Design

I was talking to some colleagues just the other day about the passing and upcoming trends in web design. Some of them stated that web design were becoming more and more uniform and that all websites are molded by very few templates. Further, they said that finding a unique and unusual web design was becoming impossible do to this trend.

Instead of agreeing, I sat down and started to browse the Internet looking for unusual geometry web designs just to see if they were right. While browsing these sites I really was caught up as the effort put into these designs and the artistic touch is just amazing.

Using unusual geometry in your web design does not just look great it is also a way to make your website stand noticeably out in relation to competitors. It is commonly used on portfolio websites and you may want to look for more inspiration in this collection of portfolio website templates.

I have found more than 25 examples on how beautiful a website you can create by thinking outside the box and try to experiment with unusual geometry in your web design. I hope you will find some useful inspiration to get the design process started. Enjoy!

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