30 Cool Looking Websites with Drop Down Menus

Drop down menus typically appear on websites that are content rich and need easy navigation. They allow their visitors to access categories and content without exerting a lot of search or effort – one click and they have what they want.

Navigation is a major key element in creating a successful website. A well-structured and clean site navigation is essential in the design of an effective user interface. Multi-level drop down menus are perfect if you are managing a site with several levels of content hierarchy. Typically, the design pattern for multi level menu websites has a submenu of navigation items that appear, whenever users hover over the main navigation item. The design, layout and color schemes vary a lot and some website even use icons to help usability.

In this collection we are showcasing various kinds of websites using drop down menus for your design inspiration. The menus can appear horizontally or vertically, but all are created with the user in mind. It is worth looking for multi level menu websites that have made their navigation responsive, flexible and interactive.

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