Nexus Theme – A Versatile Magazine Theme for WordPress

With magazine style themes for WordPress you can create a content heavy website and still make it look stylish and simple to navigate. Magazine style websites is like and evolution of the traditional blog design that have been optimized for front and archive pages with a lot of content. Typically, these themes have grid layouts with many options for showing off content from various categories with featured images and social share options. In this review, Iwill look closer into the Nexus theme from Elegant Themes and dive into some of the details and functions. Let us find out how Nexus can make your content stand out and help you set up a professional online magazine..

Nexus theme is a WordPress magazine style theme from with a clean and pleasant design. It is responsive that and will support your mobile strategy well. The theme offers great typographical and each element like the heading, body and header-footer text have perfectly aligned font sizes and colors for a magazine style. Further, with this theme you can ensure that your most important posts get the most prominent spots in front of your visitors. Nexus comes with a easy to use built in homepage builder that allows you to customize by drag and drop. This way you can set up your site the way you want.  Apart from this, the theme also includes tons of nice shortcodes for more custom element design as well as unlimited color feature in Theme Customizer. Nexus also has an integrated review rating system for a better scorings needed for products you have. This theme also comes with page templates for the most common pages you need, such as contact us. Let us get right into this theme’s features.

The Nexus Theme homepage immediately wows with its eye catching Image Grids that display your Post and its corresponding image.  The Menu is on top and highlights the tab of the page you are on. It also has Social Media icons integrated under the Menu for easy social media linking.

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Widgets Controller – A Great Free Widget Management Plugin

Widgets are WordPress extensions used to add new functions to a WordPress based website. It may be a calendar, search bar or pretty much any functionality that you can think of. Widgets support drag and drop placement in WordPress sidebars and they are very popular. There thousands of WordPress plugins available that expose their functions through widget and more and more themes use sidebars as placeholder all over the theme making it possible to use widgets in many new ways.

The sidebar/widget system is a great function in WordPress, however, often more control is required concerning on what pages, posts, and categories widgets are visible. Fortunately, there is an available WordPress plugin to address this issue.

Widgets Controller plugin is a great free option to control how your widgets display on the website. When adding a new widget you can simply select where it is going to be visible. It includes support for 404, home page and search page as well.

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KnowHow – A WordPress Knowledge Base/Wiki Theme

WordPress has been one of the favorite platforms for bloggers over the past 10 years. However, the extent of WordPress use does not end there, it is now used for online shops, company branded websites, online portfolios and more. Some have even used WordPress for setting up knowledgebase and wiki style websites. There are even themes built solely for this particular use and one of the recent options worth checking out is KnowHow. It is a WordPress Knowledge Base/Wiki theme.

KnowHow is a unique WordPress theme that is mainly built for categorizing and presenting knowledgebase articles in a clever way. Companies may also benefit greatly from this theme as it may serve as an first line online customer support. The layout and the easy to find search function makes it easy for visitors to locate the topics they need. Now let us dive deeper into the theme and review some of the features.

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Review: EffectiveNews – Responsive News Theme For WordPress

With the release after release of promising mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones offering high speed Internet “at-your-fingertips” and easy control of browsing mobile websites are here to stay! Therefore, having a great responsive news site containing lots of great articles and stunning visual content will help you stand out among from the competition. In this review, I will check out EffectiveNews a responsive WordPress news, magazine and blog theme. It is great for presenting tons of news content your visitors will surely love it.

The digital platform has obviously overrun its traditional competitors when it comes to quick and easy solutions for the modern reading customer. Popular news websites such as Huffington Post is accountable for up to 25.000.000 unique monthly visitors. On a news website, visitors are looking for short and fresh updates on relevant topics. With a lot of news stories rolling in daily it is important to have a website layout that have been designed with this in mind. It is important that visitors find what they are looking for immediately and that they have good options for signing up for news updates on social media and feeds.

EffectiveNews has a clean and modern design. It is HTML5 and CSS3 based and fully responsive and mobile friendly. It works mostly on all browsers and definitely fully responsive. It has a Review System for rating news articles and posts build in. You can use percent, star or point systems of rating. You can even place it at the top, bottom or any other custom position you want it to be seen. The Review table is also color customizable with its unlimited color options, thus making it easy to use.

Another feature is the drag and drop HomePage Builder which has a four featured Slider options for featured image display. The theme comes in wide or boxed version layouts. For boxed version, it has five News boxes which you can customize and fill with your featured articles and posts.

It also includes news in pictures or news in tabs for varied post styling. Videos can be added as well for news video clips.  Another amazing feature is its “12 ways to display posts” (4 one columns styles for newsbox, Two column newsbox, 3 blog post style (small, big, Masonry) , Tabs with 2 Styles, Pictures with 2 Styles, scrolling box ) which definitely is preset for the user to choose from.

Feature sliders can also be placed in the category page as well as carousel option in blog style. Page / Post Formats include post with slider, post with featured image, post with video, post with audio. It also contains one of the best collections of custom widget you will be able to find in a news magazine theme. Here are some of them: Social Media widgets (Twitter Feed Widget, Flickr Feed Widget, Facebook like box, Google + box, Unlimited Social Icons Widget and FeedBurner email newsletter widget), Multimedia widgets (Featured Video Widget ( Youtube , Vimeo ) and SoundCloud Widget), Post widgets (posts list without thumbnail widget : Recent/popular/Random, posts list with thumbnail widget and posts in pictures) to Advertisement widgets.

Another cool feature in this theme is the shortcode system that allow easy set up of unique page content. Let us discuss this theme’s features in more detail.

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Review: Contact Form 7 – Flexible Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Aside from the comments posted on a blog, contact form serves as a channel of communication between visitors and administrators of the site. It is necessary for websites to have a well-built and fully functional contact form for their customers to reach them. Nevertheless, how do you actually implement contact forms into a WordPress website?

One quick way to do this is to use a plugin to add a contact form and implement it into a page via a shortcode. A cool free plugin that has all these functionality to cover most projects is Contact Form 7. With over a thousand five star rating in the WordPress Codex, this highly rated plugin can help you build, manage and customize your contact forms in no time.

Contact Form 7 is a simple yet flexible plugin to manage multiple contact forms. You can customize what data to collect from users from the forms using simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, Google analytics form submission tracking, user access restriction and customized form layouts. The plugin can be enhanced by installing additional plugins recommended by the author:

  • Flamingo – Lets you save submitted messages via contact forms in the database.
  • Really Simple CAPTCHA – Really Simple CAPTCHA is a simple CAPTCHA module which works well with Contact Form 7.
  • Bogo – multilingual plugin for Contact Form 7.

The plugin is available at the WordPress Codex plugin directory. You can also search it using the search function of the WordPress Plugin manager and install it from there. Once installed you can access the settings of the plugin under the new menu item added in the WordPress dashboard. There is a default contact form made upon accessing the plugin menu. You can choose to make your own or edit the existing form. Continue reading “Review: Contact Form 7 – Flexible Contact Form Plugin for WordPress”

Ninja Popups – Powerful Popup System for Your Website

Popups are annoying to most people. They usually close or leave it behind without even looking at the information in it. We cannot blame this common mentality of Internet users as thousands of spam, viruses and adware have been floating around for years via popups. Nevertheless, it does not mean that website owners cannot not benefit from popups. With a well-designed popup using lighbox effect, you can actually improve conversion for e.g. signups and long term this will potentially increase the number of visitors to your website.

There are several solutions for integrating lightbox popups. If you run a WordPress website, it is recommended to use a popup plugin using the lightbox technique for capturing the visitors attention.

One of the good WordPress plugins to implement popups on your website is Ninja Popups for WordPress. You can create professional looking popups to help you convert visitors on your site/blog into taking an action. It may be a subscription for a newsletter, offering a discount/coupon for leaving customers, or locking content until they share your subscriber count and social signal of your website.

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30 Very Useful WordPress Slider plugins

Undoubtedly, WordPress is one of the world’s best publishing platforms with a high number of developers working round the clock, to develop new plugins or add some enhanced features to the extremely popular content managing system. The demand for professionalism is on a high, and we can now see a wide variety of customized plugins available for almost every need of a webmaster, an important one being WordPress Slider plugins for a website.

The most frequently used tools to attract attention to your featured content on WordPress include Sliders and Columns on the web site front page. These Javascript based plugins have gained considerable recognition in the retail sphere as it adds visual elegance to your website with pleasant impression on the eyes. In most cases, you can add these plugins to your website with no coding at all by accessing it via the WordPress Admin Panel, and the number of transition options available just keeps increasing.

Here, we are sharing with you some of the best WordPress sliders that you can use on your site easily. Some of these sliders are free and some premium. Check out this collection and see which of the WordPress slider plugins would fit your needs.

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55+ WordPress Gallery Plugins – Deliver Your Images With Style

With WordPress gallery plugins, one can transform what used to be a regular template into an online portfolio of your work, skills and services. By downloading a gallery plugin for WordPress, and installing it one can have a nice platform to showcase photos, creative works, and products in matter of minutes. This is commonly possible without changing anything in the theme or diving into the coding layer. When it comes to finding the right match for your business and website design, you should know that there are many plugins available and you need to know what you are looking for.

First, there are different types and approaches concerning how an online gallery should work.

Image slider / gallery in combination: This type of WordPress gallery typically contain a large image preview and a bar with 5-10 image previews for navigation below it. Some of these plugins include a lightbox image preview if visitors click on an image. Typically this type of plugins have an admin area where images are easily uploaded and

Image grid / column based galleries: With the grid style gallery all, the images are set up in columns of typically 3-4 images per row. This is great for Portfolio style websites.

Masonry style: The masonry style gallery is known from sites like Pinterest and works a bit like a grid. Difference is that images vary in height and makes the layout look a bit like a brisk wall. The style is really popular and great for showing off images because no cropping takes place.

Secondly, you need to consider if you visitors are mobile users. I would say, this is highly likely to be the case. Therefore, I recommend you look for plugins with mobile ready galleries. This is also known as responsive WordPress gallery plugins.

In this article, I am sharing with you a large number of cool WordPress gallery plugins to help you get started setting up your WordPress based gallery or portfolio website. You will find both free and premium items so you do not need spend anything to make a gallery out of your website. For those who want to have professional support and updates however, premium items in general are more likely provide these services.

This factor, along with personal design preferences or layout, transition effects and many others, must be considered in your plugin selection. This list has some of the best of those attributes. Meanwhile, if you want to a beautiful slideshow for your website with great transitions and animations, you can expand your search to some jQuery slider plugins readily available on the web. Keep in mind that a number of WordPress gallery themes may be useful as well. These themes all have the gallery features build in and helps you set up you portfolio without adding plugins. Check them out and enjoy!


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Review: Deadline – A Premium WordPress News and Magazine Theme

Before we had the Internet, most people got their daily news updated from printed newspapers. Every day, countless numbers of newspapers and magazines where sold. With the rise of the Internet, more and more people look for information and news online. The trend goes towards checking out blogs, news websites, and other “e-versions” of the classic news and magazines for everyday updates.

Setting up a content heavy news website is not as hard as it used to be. There are countless cool WordPress magazine themes available that does a great job and helps you get started. Deadline is a good example and worth taking a closer look at. It is a theme for WordPress targeted for news and magazine websites. It has a clean and professional design that allows your images, video and writing to stand out. The theme is fully responsive, uses fluid grids, fluid images and smart mark up to ensure your site automatically adjusts to any device or screen resolution.

Deadline theme uses a fully widgeted homepage, so positioning elements the way you like is easily done. The theme supports custom post types including audio, image, gallery, links and video. In addition, it is also translation ready, supports full localization and WPML compatibility.
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35+ Cool Grid-Style WordPress Themes

If you want to display your website content in a straightforward, easy to follow and organized manner, a good option is to use grid-style WordPress themes. These are the kind of themes that take a structured grid layout, which by their arrangement, is very easy to navigate thus giving the users a great experience with the website.

In this article, I have collected many amazing WordPress themes with grid layout to make it easy for you to make your choice if you are looking for a theme that you can use for your blog, or portfolio website. Portfolio themes often use grid layouts but if you plan to build an online portfolio I recommend you check out this collection dedicated to WordPress portfolio themes. Here, you will find both premium and free items so you have a leeway to take either of the two options.

As you will see, these themes take the form of grid frameworks and they really provide an easy way for developers to plan the placement and the flow of the content. Thus, it is not only convenient on the part of the visitors to navigate the site but they also mean better for the developers. All because of the simple, organized, predictable layout that gives more prominence to the content than to the graphic elements. This is much like traditional WordPress themes with a simple and minimalistic design.  Check the themes out and share with us your thoughts. Enjoy!

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