45+ Amazingly Creative Graffiti Wallpapers

If you like, graffiti artwork you can find amazing graffiti wallpapers to decorate your desktop!

Throughout the century’s Graffiti has gained a place in history as a way to express social and political messages. However, this form of statement can be dated back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece it is not considered a legal form of art but are more often associated with vandalism against private property. In modern time, gangs use graffiti to mark their territory, often with simple graffiti tags and symbols. However, there are still talented street artists that keeps the ancient art style alive. Some create graffiti pieces that are utmost skilfully and creatively done. Unlike commercial art, graffiti artworks are always unique pieces that you cannot buy in a store. The art is typically only found in urban spaces for everyone passing to enjoy – or despise. However, some of the creative graffiti artworks are actually available as wallpapers, making it possible to add a rough urban stile to your desktop simply by changing the wallpaper.

I have crawled the web for the most amazingly creative graffiti wallpapers I could find, and I came up with more than 45 artworks! If I missed out your favorite one please let me know in a comment so I can add it to this collection. In addition, I would highly appreciate if you would share this article with your friends on Facebook. Continue reading “45+ Amazingly Creative Graffiti Wallpapers”

50+ Stunning Game Wallpapers

The game industry is known for its ability to create stunning animations and graphical designs. As you will see below, it is amazing how creative and high quality the promotional material for various game tiles is. One of the popular ways game developers promote their new releases is to offer pre- release game wallpapers with amazing illustrations of the key characters and scenes. Game lovers then decorate their desktops while waiting for the next version of their favorite game.

While you are probably looking for a specific type of game wallpapers I am sure some new inspiration will be great for your desktop. I have created a large list of wallpapers for various game titles for you and hope you will enjoy the ride. If you love gaming and consider to share your experience and reviews you should consider looking at some themes for game magazines and blogs. CreativeCan posted a great and inspirational collection about this. Please share the article on social media and let me know what your favorite gaming wallpaper is. Continue reading “50+ Stunning Game Wallpapers”

50+ Awesome Deep Space Wallpapers – Ready For Take-Off?

If you are a space enthusiast, I am sure you have decorated your computer desktop with some cool planetary art or deep space photography. Having access to a huge collection of cool Space wallpapers will make it easy for you to have new spectacular space views in front of you all the time. In additions, I believe that space wallpapers are excellent resources for finding stunning space pictures for graphic designers and even for people that does not have a special crush for everything related to stars, planets, galaxies etc. they can be great for adding style to desktops. If you work on design that require some space design elements, could be you want to design your own galaxy and planet wallpapers, than check out these space brushes at CreativeCan.

In this article, I have created an enormous collection of amazing space wallpapers of various space phenomena. Trust me, you will find it hard to find enough space on your hard drive once you start looking into this collection! Please share this article with your space friends and leave a comment for me with some feedback. Continue reading “50+ Awesome Deep Space Wallpapers – Ready For Take-Off?”

70+ Amazing Dual Screen Wallpapers

If you are joggling multible projects at a time you might know that having Dual displays can come in handy. Especially web designers and graphic designers that often have several assignments at a time can benefit from having two screens as it allows them to work more efficient.

Though many things are easier with dual screens one thing is not – the desktop wallpaper! We have shared lots of wallpapers of both beautiful sunsets and wildlife and animals however, if you have dual screens non of these will fit in size.

I have found more than 70 amazing dual screen wallpapers for you to download to your computer. If you like any of them please feel free to share a comment on which one you like the most. And if any of your colleagues have dual screens you can Tweet them this article, they might appreciate it!

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45+ Beautiful Sunset Wallpapers

I think that most people will agree that a beautiful sunset can get even the most busy person to slow down and take a moment of silence.

The different colored ray of lights filling the sky can be breathtaking and picturistic and yet so hard to capture with your camera. Luckily there are lots of skilled photographers that have been able to do that, and have shared their images as wallpapers on the Internet. With just a click you are able to download a beautiful sunset wallpaper on your own desktop giving you a stunning sunset to look at every day even though you are stuck at the computer.

I have shared more than 45 beautiful sunset wallpapers with you in this post. If you like any of them please share in a comment which one you like in particular. Also please share this article on the social medias with your friends.

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65+ Amazing Wildlife & Animal Wallpapers

Wildlife and animal wallpapers are among the most popular choices when people look for new desktop backgrounds. Just by looking at this collection of beautiful animals in bright colored surroundings it is not hard to understand why these wallpapers are so popular. For a huge number of people the portrait of an animal can seem calming yet fascinating so why not have such a relaxing image on your computer. After all this is where you spend a great amount of hours every day.

Luckily it is easy to change your desktop wallpaper so whatever you are in the mood for breathtaking forest wallpaper designs or perhaps a spring wallpaper design it is possible to let your desktop reflect that.

I hope you will enjoy looking through this huge collection of amazing wildlife and animal wallpapers. I have handpicked the very best I could find so feel free to share with us in a comment what you think of them.  Continue reading “65+ Amazing Wildlife & Animal Wallpapers”