55+ Incredibly Inspirational Retro And Vintage Photoshop Tutorials

If you want to add a retro or vintage touch to you design there are many great Photoshop tutorials that will help you learn how to do it.

The technique of using retro and vintage designs is often used for designing posters, collages and as parts of graphical elements. Though these designs often seem simplified, it takes a great amount of work to achieve the right nostalgic look and feel. In order to get the design just right you need to find the perfect harmony of colors, grunge elements and of cause time typical textures and fonts that put together adds up to a design that takes you back in time. A great tool for adding a vintage style in your design is Photoshop vintage brushes that will help you get the job done more easily. Check out this article to find tons of free Photoshop vintage brushes to choose from.

In this post, I have found a huge number of incredibly inspirational retro and vintage Photoshop tutorials you can use for perfecting your next design. No matter the era you want to replicate these Photoshop, tutorials will help you achieve the techniques you need to add vintage and retro design elements to your design. Enjoy!

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75+ Greatest Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Mastering Adobe Illustrator does not necessarily have to be difficult – at least you can ease into it by using tutorials that step-by-step introduces you to a number of new Adobe Illustrator skills.

Though you are skilled at working with other design elements such as Adobe Photoshop or Flash getting your head around Illustrator will take some time however, to make sure the time invested is well spend you might want to get some help understanding the basics.

To understand the main differences between Photoshop and Illustrator you should know that Adobe Illustrator is a graphic driven software that are based on vectors while Adobe Photoshop is based on pixels. While vector graphic designs can be altered in size to fit everything from a stamp to a billboard without compromising on quality, you can only resize an image created in Photoshop ever so much before the image seems pixelated. This makes Illustrator the perfect tool for creating logosicons, scalable graphics and fonts as you can resize the image to fit your needs at all time.

Being able to master Adobe Illustrators is an asset if you are working professional with design. However, keeping up with all the new features and finding the time to refine your skills is probably not on page one of your to-do list of the day though it should be. To make it easier for you to quickly understanding the basics of a new feature, I have compiled a large collection of more than 75 Adobe Illustrator tutorials that covers a broad range of the tutorials available. Enjoy these tutorials!

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45 + Watercolor Tutorials and Brush Sets for Photoshop

Even for skilled users of Photoshop consulting a tutorial can be needed from time to time. Especially if you are grappling with new techniques such as using Photoshop watercolor brushes.

Water coloring is an old technique that is said to date back to the cave paintings of Paleolithic Europe! Throughout the centuries, both professional artists and amateurs have used this technique to create artwork. Unlike oil and acrylic painting, the strokes created from watercolors look quite different as the stroke you paint do not remain sitting but flows out and change shape as the paint hardens. This makes the brush strokes unique and especially hard to mimic on a computer as they are organic.

However, by using Photoshop watercolor brush sets you can get that special look and feel into your design quite easily. It might take some time to find out how to make it look natural but with the right tutorials at hand, it is durable.

I have search the Internet to find the best Photoshop watercolor tutorials and brush set for you to get started. Please let me know if I missed out a brush set or a great tutorial. Hope you will have lots of fun learning this technique. Enjoy!

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50+ Creative Light Effect Photography Tutorials

Learning how to add special effects such as light effects to your photography’s take some time to master however, with the right tutorials at hand, patience and determination you can actually learn how to do it even if you are just an amateur.

In this collection of tutorials I have found for you, you will see that light effects can be used in many different ways. You can use it to enhance a somewhat dull photo or to create a special effect, the sky is the limit when it comes to light effects and other actions to enhance your photos quickly.

I hope you will enjoy learning these new skills. Feel free to leave a comment and please share this article with your Followers on Twitter.

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How to optimize permalinks in WordPress For Better SEO

Permanent Link or Permalink of a page tells us about the unique location of a page which is present on the Internet. The address of a page shown on the browser’s address bar is the Permalink of a page. Now, the question is why there is a need to optimize this; Well if you optimize your permalinks, you may get better SEO (search engine optimization) because most search engines use the keywords on the permalink and then classify the page. – And better classification brings in more quality search visits! So, read this article and learn How to optimize permalinks in WordPress For Better SEO.
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Top 5 Reasons of Why to use WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform available today and anyone can use it easily to create a blog or website. WordPress was originally designed for creating blogs but over a period of time it has become the most used Content management System (CMS) on the Internet, thanks to the open source platform and the popular WordPress community that has got thousands of programmers from around the world. In this article, we are going to discuss the top reasons of why to use WordPress over other blogging platforms.
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How to Use Images in Blog Posts

Adding images to your blog posts is always impacting and makes your posts more interesting for your visitors. In fact, certain visitors can be attracted towards your posts due to the image posted by you as per your post. Images tells much about your post and it is easy to explain your article to readers with the related images.
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How to Use WordPress: Step By Step

WordPress is the most widely used platform for creating blog or websites. As being such appreciated by all, many new users who want to create their blog want to use WordPress as the blogging platform. But, many of such users who don’t have much knowledge about creating their own website may find WordPress, a little tricky to use. But, such people don’t need to worry as this article will provide you with all the help that you may require while using WordPress for the first time. Please keep in mind that WordPress is both available as a free hosted solution (wordpress.com) and as a CMS you host yourself (wordpress.org). This article will help you get started using the most simple to use solution, the hosted version of WordPress. Once you learn to use WordPress you may want to migrate to the more advanced version as it offers greater flexibility and more themes to choose from. As an example there are many responsive WordPress themes you can use to set up a modern and mobile friendly website. Continue reading “How to Use WordPress: Step By Step”

Tips for changing WordPress Themes

If you are a regular user of WordPress, you must have changed your WordPress themes for at least once while using WordPress. But if you still haven’t, you should not bother much on how you can change it as WordPress provides the most suitable and easy environment, that you can change your WordPress theme easily. Still, we are providing you with some tips for changing WordPress themes to make the process friendlier for you and make sure you don’t end up losing some important information side by side.

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Reasons to Go for WordPress CMS Development

Besides the fact, that the users today have a lot of options in terms of choosing a platform for CMS development, WordPress still has its own set of reasons to choose it as your CMS development platform. With a lot of features including many tools, widgets, plugins and themes etc., you should always go for development.

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