30 Very Useful WordPress Slider plugins

Undoubtedly, WordPress is one of the world’s best publishing platforms with a high number of developers working round the clock, to develop new plugins or add some enhanced features to the extremely popular content managing system. The demand for professionalism is on a high, and we can now see a wide variety of customized plugins available for almost every need of a webmaster, an important one being WordPress Slider plugins for a website.

The most frequently used tools to attract attention to your featured content on WordPress include Sliders and Columns on the web site front page. These Javascript based plugins have gained considerable recognition in the retail sphere as it adds visual elegance to your website with pleasant impression on the eyes. In most cases, you can add these plugins to your website with no coding at all by accessing it via the WordPress Admin Panel, and the number of transition options available just keeps increasing.

Here, we are sharing with you some of the best WordPress sliders that you can use on your site easily. Some of these sliders are free and some premium. Check out this collection and see which of the WordPress slider plugins would fit your needs.

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25+ Amazing Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins

With almost every aspect of the internet going mobile, more and more web developers than ever before are being hired primarily to ensure that websites acquire responsive capabilities. Indeed, as the mobile computing continues to heat up, the demand for responsive WordPress templates, HTML themes, and plugins is likewise on the rise. Among the web elements that need to go responsive to keep up with the times, are the image showcase mechanisms of websites.

We are referring here of sliders, carousels, galleries, accordions and others which are common features of websites and looks great on most sites using a to show off key content and images. These things need to go responsive as well to accomplish 100% responsiveness of any given site. Sliders with a responsive layout scale the images and the typography to fit the screen size. This is important as we all want sliders to capture users attention, but a fixed size slider on a mobile device may get visitors move on very quickly!

To make things easy for you, you can make use of some awesome resources on the web involving jQuery slider plugins. jQuery as we know it is the lightweight JavaScript library that makes it possible for us to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add AJAX; and it does wonders on sliders, etc.

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45+ Useful Tools for Choosing the Right Color Palette

Color is one of the most decisive elements in any kind of design and the color palette used have a huge effect on the mood of the viewers. Experienced designers know exactly what colors to use for waking up certain emotions and feelings in people.

One of the initial steps when designing websites and creating graphic designs is to choose the right color palette.  This will work as the foundation for coloring any design element during the work, which is why, creating a cool color up front palette may be a bit challenging. One of the popular ways to get started is to look for color inspiration e.g. in stripe patterns and colorful websites or simply use a color tool.

Finding the right tool to help you choose the right color palette is however not that easy. While the color schemes might be basic the tools on the other hand offers many different services. Some gives you the opportunity to create and share your own unique colors, palettes and patterns while others let you preview your color combinations in real time.

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40+ Websites for Royalty Free Stock Images

If you create websites and graphic designs on a regular basis, you will know that from time to time you need some great photos and illustrations. This can be for both images in content but also for design elements such as website backgrounds. Often you have one or two favorite pages you use frequently; however, you might need new inspiration on where to find great royalty free images in order to broaden the horizon.

The advantages of using royalty free stock images is that once you have paid for the image you are free to use it in your work and the quality is always high unlike the images you can download for free.

In this post, I have found more than 40 different sites that all offers royalty free stock images of high quality. If your favorite site is missing on the list, please tell me in a comment so I can add it to the list. In addition, I would appreciate if you would share this list with your colleagues. Enjoy! Continue reading “40+ Websites for Royalty Free Stock Images”

30 Code Snippet Tools–Organize and Reuse

No matter what kind of developer you are, I am sure you can benefit from organizing and saving useful code snippets for latter use. All it requires is a small effort every time a tricky problem have been solved. If you take a minute to add a few lines of documentation and package it up before storing it, the code will be easy to find and reuse. This may potentially speed up future projects as your toolbox grows and gets more meaty.

It is however, much simpler to benefit from code reuse of you have a good tool to support storage, categorization and retrieval. Luckily there are plenty of solutions you can choose form. Some are online, some work as desktop applications, some are free and some require you to spend a little. I have collected most of the useful code snippet tools currently available in this article. If I missed your favorite tool I hope you are going to take a minute to share this in a comment. Also please share the article with your developer friends!

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25 Great jQuery Navigation Plugins

Navigation is one of the most essential elements of any website and with jQuery menu plugins it is possible to make it cool and interactive. It is primarily through the navigation menu that users interact with the site and find the content they search for. This being the case, designers often spend a lot of time planning, designing and implementing the navigation of a site.

It is often a good idea to look for ready to use components to simplify and standardize the overall solutions, and for navigation it is great to have a toolbox filled with jQuery navigation plugins. Besides traditional top menu navigation is is also becoming more and more popular to have a slider or a carousel located in top focus areas of the web pages. From here visitors can navigate to the most important content with a single mouse click and the dynamic presentation help catching visitor focus. To help you get started using these plugins I have collected some of the best currently available. If you have any questions or recommendation regarding jQuery navigation plugins, then please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.

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How to make your WordPress site Mobile friendly

WordPress has lot of advantages as we all know; whether we speak in terms of capability of building professional websites in the most simple and effective way or ready made templates that make your work looks so easy when working on WordPress. But, having done all such things to make a world class website, sometimes people ignore the fact that with the increasing trend of Internet usage on mobiles, it is very important to make your WordPress site mobile friendly.

This is due to the fact that your website which is made by putting in a lot of efforts to attract and satisfy visitors may appear completely different due to small screens of mobile phones as mobile browsers display them with bad formatting and distorted letters if you haven’t made necessary changes in your WordPress site for mobile viewing.

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10 Useful Infinite Scrolling jQuery Plugins

One of the great pagination interfaces in websites nowadays is infinite scrolling, or one that automatically loads the undisplayed content once you reach the bottom part of the page. This becomes possible with infinite scrolling jQuery plugins especially coded to perform the job. You can see these effects in action in well-known websites as Facebook and Twitter.

When implemented on a website, infinite scrolling have many advantages, one of which are is the increased possibility of the visitors to read the automatically loaded content than it is when they have to click the “next page” button. This encourages them to stay on the site longer and read more content. In this article, we are showcasing some of the great plugins to give your websites the infinite scrolling capability. All of these plugins are free to download but we are encouraging you to learn more about them as go to their source pages. Enjoy!
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25 Free Glyph Icons and Monochromatic Symbols

Glyph icons are useful interface elements in web and mobile app design. As you will see, these icons have simple and monochromatic designs that can convey the right message if used properly on a given situation. In most cases these icons often come in huge packs and they give designers an ability to choose the right icon to get the message across.

So here in this article, we are showcasing glyph icons and monochromatic symbols that you can take advantage of in designing websites and apps. Some of these items are free for personal and commercial use, while some are restricted for personal usage only. You may need to contact the respective authors of such works to request, or otherwise buy, a license if necessary . Either way, these items are all of high-quality and will prove helpful useful in a number of your projects. Enjoy!
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25+ Cheat Sheet Wallpapers for Web Designers and Developers

Wallpapers are great items that we can use to decorate our desktops. Depending on our own personal taste, and mood for the moment, you can use a wallpaper that showcases the beauty of nature, or if you want to see something abstract and artistic, you can adopt a fractal artwork as wallpaper and others with art related concepts.

If you want to memorize, or be reminded or become familiar with the art and science of web designing on the other hand, you can use a cheat sheet wallpaper that talks about the web technology that you want to learn. There are many wallpaper like these in the web and we are sharing with you some them. So here, you can find cheat sheet wallpapers showing the useful tags and functions of some of the languages that we use in web development, as well those that display information about the visual and graphic aspects of web design. All of these for free on your personal computers. Check them out and enjoy!

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