40+ Beautiful Examples of Facebook Fan Pages

According to Facebook, it has a staggering 901 million users worldwide and this number is still increasing. In other words, it will not be long before one seventh of mankind will be sharing photos, building friendships, posting updates, and interacting with other members in the community. These things mean a lot for businesses as they can reach out to their customers, get their feedbacks and gain their trust on a continuing basis, and in an easy to manage and maintain platform. Thus, it is no wonder that businesses are using this wonderful capability of Facebook to promote their brand and maintain their image and they do so by building Facebook fan pages.

So what exactly are the things that must be considered for an effective Facebook fan page? Well, with the arrival of Timeline, Facebook pages has significantly changed in style and layout especially the navigation tabs. Also, you can observe the big timeline photo right on top of every Facebook account. For a company, it can communicate or promote its brand by putting on a great photo of its popular products; Or a photo of people using the products, or other ideas that would make people become interested with the brand.

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15 Social Media Plugins for WordPress You Should Know About

Next to SEO plugins for WordPress, social media plugins for WordPress come in the order of importance. It is essential because a website especially in its initial stages of operation usually does not have the power to pull itself high in the search engine results page.

With social media plugins, you can share the contents of your website to the different networks and drive traffic in while you are building up your strength to rank in Google and other search engines.
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Ways to drive more traffic to your site with Google+

Google has years of experience in search technologies and has continuously delivered highly professional search results providing users exactly what they’re looking for. One of the recent changes brought to Google+ is called ‘Search, plus Your World’, which helps site owners to efficiently drive traffic to their sites using these handy tools from Google.
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Social Media Tip: How to efficiently use #hashtags on Twitter

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has gradually turned into a top social networking platform that generates more than a billion tweets every 3 days. Social media enthusiasts love this micro blogging service for its being easy to use and for its being a source of latest news and happenings from people they follow. Twitter being instrumental in graphing the social media trends has built a strong community of its dedicated and active members, run by the Twitter lingo and other associated features. One of such features are hashtags.

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