10+ Great WordPress Facebook plugins

WordPress Facebook plugins makes it simple to add Facebook integration to a WordPress website or blog. WordPress, the most popular publishing software, continues to lead the pack of blogging platforms  and even CMS. Most of these WordPress websites drive traffic through social networks with Facebook as the prime focus of connectivity since it provides a diverse niche of possible consumers for bloggers and marketers. Website owners ought to integrate Facebook connectivity to their sites using plugins so that they can to have easy and authentic interaction with people on different ends and to increase the visibility of their websites.

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Viddy, the popular social video sharing app

A smart app called ‘Viddy’ made it to the headlines recently for registering over 4.5 million users to its network, adding around 125,000 users every day. Viddy is a short video editing and sharing app which lets you record 15 second videos, edit with the available ‘production packages’ and then share it across different social platforms.
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Facebook revamping its search engine

Internet’s two stalwarts, Google and Facebook are now taking each others’ forte. While Google is trying to venture into social spaces through Google+, Facebook on the other hand is reportedly working to revamp its search engine in order to return intelligent search queries. Right now, Facebook has a team of two dozen engineers lead by no other than Lars Rasmussen, co-founder of Google Maps and Google Wave who landed up in Facebook in October 2010.

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Tello, an app to rate and review services

Tello is an app and website known to constantly make buzz in the tech world. This app from Joe Beninato, Founder and CEO of Tello is for users to rate their consumer experience through a streamlined interface on their smartphones, tablets and for employers to seek quick and authentic review from customers about their employees or quality of services offered.

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Top social media monitoring tools

You need to invest a quantifiable amount of time and money to be effective on social media. New brands, start-ups and organizations should ideally monitor the prospects and try to enhance it on a regular basis. It is advisable for you to plan your tactics for the medium and then improvise on it according to the response obtained than simply trying to figure out the various softwares to keep track of your social media activity.

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Facebook halts secondary market trading to target May IPO

Facebook, the social networking giant has asked market agents to halt trading of its shares in the secondary markets by the end of this month as it prepares for its Initial Public Offering in May. This move might be indicating to Facebook’s plans of churning up an initial IPO price, line up the shareholders base and deal with all the terms set by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Twitter finally acknowledges the un-follow bug

If you were wondering why you were losing your precious followers on Twitter or why somehow you un-followed the people you were happily following, then the micro-blogging site now has an answer, a bug. On Wednesday Twitter acknowledged the bug in its system, with TechCrunch being the first to report the issue.

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Spotify launches 12 new apps

Having recently been valued as a $2 billion and more enterprise, Spotify launched its latest batch of 12 apps last week, taking the total number of apps on the social music server to 22. This recent release makes Spotify’s intention of making itself a complete music platform for listeners becomes more obvious to its competitors. More tie-ups with leading music labels have resulted in more branded apps than interactive ones by third party developers.

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Facebook warned employers against asking passwords from job applicants

Thrashing all the recent reports on job employers asking passwords from their employees to their private profiles on the popular social network, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, Erin Egan warned companies against doing so, as such a step might lead to a legal action from Facebook. The company said it is tantamount to breaching its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, clearly reading “you will not share your password… let anyone else access your account, or do anything that might jeopardize the security of your account.”

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Top social networks to watch out for!

More people are expanding their social lives online, leading to a number of new social networking sites popping up on the web every few months. Each new site tries to have enhanced social features appealing to people from every niche and create a diverse community on the internet.

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