25+ Minimalistic iPad Decals

Does your iPad look exactly like everyone else’s? Have you discovered the many wonders of adding minimalistic iPad decals to reestablish that feeling of having a unique product?

Just few years ago, most people brought a notebook and a pencil to school and for meetings for taking notes – now more or less everyone bring a tablet instead. No matter where you go; school, meetings, trains or at the park, you see people carrying an iPad or an android tablet. This type of gadgets has become an indispensable tool for many people as it is used for both business and pleasure for people of all ages.

As the market for iPads are still growing and expanding rapidly the uniqueness and hype about having one fades. However, no need for despair if you do not own a 4. generation iPad with the latest outer design. Just as you can change the appearance of your Macbook by adding cool decals you can also get funky and minimalistic decals for your iPad.

In this post, I have found some great examples of iPad decals that will light up any iPad giving it a funky and personalized twist. I would appreciate it you would share this article with your fellow iPad enthusiast friends. Enjoy!

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40 Useful Mac Apps

One of the great things about Macs is the large number of apps available that you can download and use. Just like with Apple’s iPhone and iPad, there are apps for nearly every need imaginable, and they exceed expectations in both functionality and design. In this post, you’ll find a great list of free basic apps for new Mac users, many of which are open source so that you can even contribute your own modifications. Also, Apple’s app store has a large number of both free and paid applications for your Mac. With all the apps out there, it can be hard to search through all the possibilities to find the golden apps. So, to save you time and effort, you’ll find a list of free and paid apps that you can use in this post. Continue reading “40 Useful Mac Apps”

Simplify Lets You Control iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio From One Interface

Mini-player apps for Mac OS X are quite useful however often they only support one or two media players. This isn’t perfect for people that have collected music over time in different players. In fact switching between players can be quite irritating. The optimal solution could be Simplify. It is a light weight and simple to use desktop controller and shortcut customizer that helps it users control iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio from one interface.

Just like most other mini-players, Simplify shows the current playing track and album cover on your desktop. You have access to most needed controls like play, pause, and skip by clicking on the mini-player. Further Simplify offers a number of customizable shortcuts that work on all three players. As expected it is also possible to choose between a few different sizes and themes, allowing Simplify to blend in nicely with your desktop.

Simplify  is a $4.99 download for Mac OS X only.

Application Screenshots

Simplify media player for Mac OS X

Simplify Tracks overview