55+ Incredibly Inspirational Retro And Vintage Photoshop Tutorials

If you want to add a retro or vintage touch to you design there are many great Photoshop tutorials that will help you learn how to do it.

The technique of using retro and vintage designs is often used for designing posters, collages and as parts of graphical elements. Though these designs often seem simplified, it takes a great amount of work to achieve the right nostalgic look and feel. In order to get the design just right you need to find the perfect harmony of colors, grunge elements and of cause time typical textures and fonts that put together adds up to a design that takes you back in time. A great tool for adding a vintage style in your design is Photoshop vintage brushes that will help you get the job done more easily. Check out this article to find tons of free Photoshop vintage brushes to choose from.

In this post, I have found a huge number of incredibly inspirational retro and vintage Photoshop tutorials you can use for perfecting your next design. No matter the era you want to replicate these Photoshop, tutorials will help you achieve the techniques you need to add vintage and retro design elements to your design. Enjoy!

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45+ Trendy Flat Style Metro Icons

A growing tendency recent years has been to keep it simple. This trend has generated a number of interesting design elements such as flat style metro icons that is an important and prominent feature of the trendy minimalistic and simple interface web design.

Unlike prior popular icon design involving shadow effects, edges and heavy use of 3D effects the simple design of the flat style metro icons can interact with most kinds of web designs. Minimalistic and simple websites and metro style designs are great examples of this. WordPress themes with Metro style design are great if you like metro and they also look great with some of the flat style metro icons you can find in this post. In addition you can find a lot of ready to use metro scripts for adding metro style and functionality to your web pages.

For this article I have found quite a few flat style metro icon sets you can browse through and perhaps find a set that fits your needs. Please leave me a comment on which icon set you like the most. Enjoy!

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50+ Creative QR Code Designs – Scannable Artwork Inspiration

QR code have become very popular for looking up URLs with Apps using smartphone cameras as scanners. QR is an abbreviation of Quick Response and the QR code system is actually just a two-dimensional bar code system. It is a machine-readable label that can be used to store a small amount of information. The QR code was initially designed in Japan for the automotive industry it is commonly used today for many different purposes such as product tracking, letter identification, time tracking and of course for all kinds of marketing. This is why we start to see QR codes on posters, in TV, business cards etc.

With the popularity of QR codes there is a creative trends coming up where designers create working QR-codes that are decorative and even artworks of their own. If you have not seen this kind of art before and think, it is interesting; then you have come to the right place. I have collected more than 50 different and amazingly creative QR code artworks Continue reading “50+ Creative QR Code Designs – Scannable Artwork Inspiration”

45+ Cool Photoshop Brick Wall Brushes

Brick wall brushes are great design resources for anyone working on a website background or a design with a grunge touch. Just like wall textures you can use a brick wall brush for adding a wall or just a wall like surface to design elements. I am quite sure they will be great in combination with some cool bullet hole brushes and grunge patterns for Photoshop.

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65+ Amazing Photoshop Tattoo Brush Sets

Tattoos have gained a lot of popularity these last years. Whereas tattoos used to be popular among sailors and inmates it is now common for people of all ages and social status to get one. However, tattoos have become socially acceptable it is still one of the most used tools to symbolize rebelliousness.

Even in web designs and graphic designs, the tattoos have found its way. With a tattoo Photoshop brush or even a skull brush you can turn a classic looking model into a “devil in disguise” thereby adding a new dimension to an otherwise innocent image.

To find the right tattoo brush set can be quite a challenge as there are many different sets and styles to choose from. I have found more than 65 sets of tattoo brushes for this post to help you get a quick and easy overview. If I have let out your favorite Photoshop tattoo brush set please let me know in a comment so I can add it to the collection. Enjoy! Continue reading “65+ Amazing Photoshop Tattoo Brush Sets”

40+ Cool Logo Tutorials – Learn Logo Design Yourself

Designing a logo is not as easy as it may sound. Logos that carry a high brand value and that are easy to recognize and understand takes a lot of skills and effort to design. On the other hand, some practice always helps and if you tumble with ideas in your head and would like to try logo design yourself, you have come to the right place. Logo tutorials are gold mines for upcoming designers to find inspiration and learn about the overall logo design process, tools and techniques to use.

In this article, I have collected more than 40 great logo design tutorials to get you started. I have also found a massive collection of logo design tutorials at Tripwire Magazine you may find useful. Check it out if you do not find the tutorials you here. Please share you feedback and let your friends and coworkers know about the article if you like it. Continue reading “40+ Cool Logo Tutorials – Learn Logo Design Yourself”

50+ Cool Photoshop Metal Patterns

With the right Photoshop patterns at hand, you can quickly create whatever expression you are seeking. If you are looking to apply, a raw and industrial look to a design one of the more powerful tools is using a Photoshop metal pattern. However, to get the right feel and look you might consider also using a photoshop metallic brush to top it off.

I have spent a lot of time finding more than 50 great Photoshop metal patterns for you. I am sure many of these metal patterns will be a great addition to your toolbox. Please leave a comment and let me know if I missed out a great metal pattern. You are welcome to share this collection with you friends on Twitter.

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50+ Hottest Fire Textures – Set Your Next Graphic Design on Fire!

Controlling fire was one of the large evolutional steps in human history. Fire is still an essential and life giving element and yet feared for its destructive and deadly side. In graphic design, fire is often used in movie and ad posters to heat up the scene. In addition, many games have promotional material that include fire somehow such as explosions around the title or as background to show off some action.

Fire as a graphic design element is available in various formats such as fire textures and brushes for Photoshop. In this article, I have collected a lot of great fire textures available as free downloads. Often you will find that a fire texture can be used successfully with other design elements such as Photoshop sparkle brushes or brushes with fireworks. I hope you find this resource useful and that you will help me by sharing it on social media. Continue reading “50+ Hottest Fire Textures – Set Your Next Graphic Design on Fire!”

40+ Cool Wood Fonts

Having a large variety of fonts can always come in handy especially if you are working as a graphic designer. One of the more unusual yet quite interesting fonts to have in the toolbox is wooden fonts.

It is rare to see wooden fonts in a design however, many designers have noticed the font style recently and it is easy to understand why. By e.g. adding a wood font or even a wood texture to your design, your website all of a sudden distinguish itself from other sites and gains a unique natural touch. Keep in mind however that a strong trend coming up right now that focus on simple and flat design.

Wooden fonts can be used in many different kinds of designs both for illustrating exclusive Scandinavian wooden art and for representing a children’s playgroup.

For this article, I have gathered a large collection of cool wood fonts you can use to give your own design a touch of tree and wood. I hope you like the fonts enough to share them with your colleagues on Twitter. Please leave a comment on what you think of wood fonts in general.

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45+ Stunning Caricature Art – Ready for a Great Laugh?

I have always loved caricature drawings and found them to be fun and surprising. Traditionally a caricature is a simple drawing of a human face where certain characteristics are shown in an exaggerated way. Many talented artists sell their services on the streets and draw awesome caricature images of people on vacation it is also a type of art that is often used in newspapers and magazines to illustrate public persons in a funny or sometimes insulting way. What I like about this type of art is the artist’s ability to radically change the face of a person and still there is no doubt who it is.

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