10+ Great WordPress Facebook plugins

WordPress Facebook plugins makes it simple to add Facebook integration to a WordPress website or blog. WordPress, the most popular publishing software, continues to lead the pack of blogging platforms  and even CMS. Most of these WordPress websites drive traffic through social networks with Facebook as the prime focus of connectivity since it provides a diverse niche of possible consumers for bloggers and marketers. Website owners ought to integrate Facebook connectivity to their sites using plugins so that they can to have easy and authentic interaction with people on different ends and to increase the visibility of their websites.

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30+ Creatively Cool Ice Sculptures for Inspiration

Ice sculptures are forms of art which are not only beautiful but also amazing in their own right. Like those which are made of snow, these artworks are not as hard as wood or concrete sculptures but they are more radiant and appealing specially when they glisten from the rays of the sun, or from some special lighting. Because of their beauty and their limited life span, ice sculptures are usually made as decorative items during a special or extravagant event.

Here in this article, we are showcasing some of the ice sculptures which are really fantastic and truly exemplary because of their artistic qualities. As you will see, most of these artworks are filled with intricate details that you will not think can be implemented with precision on a material as delicate and brittle as ice. Check out the fantastic works of some of the talented ice sculptors and enjoy!
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Viddy, the popular social video sharing app

A smart app called ‘Viddy’ made it to the headlines recently for registering over 4.5 million users to its network, adding around 125,000 users every day. Viddy is a short video editing and sharing app which lets you record 15 second videos, edit with the available ‘production packages’ and then share it across different social platforms.
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Automate your social life online with ifttt

Many of us seek to automate our social media activities online to simplify the task of handling different social accounts on the web. ifttt.com offers some extremely useful automation services by linking various third party applications, creating automated tasks and macros, following an interesting ‘if, this, then, and that’ operating philosophy. When a certain trigger is encountered with, the service automatically manages your linked online social accounts with the created tasks on hand.

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Instagram for Android released on Google Play

The best iPhone app of 2011, Instagram released its Android version through the Android Market (now Google Play) on April 3rd. The extremely popular photo sharing app was exclusive to iOS devices for 18 months and had rapidly built a large 27 million registered user community, with 67% of them being active on a daily basis. Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram believes this Android release is to multiply the user base and photo base on the network by a great bit.
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Tello, an app to rate and review services

Tello is an app and website known to constantly make buzz in the tech world. This app from Joe Beninato, Founder and CEO of Tello is for users to rate their consumer experience through a streamlined interface on their smartphones, tablets and for employers to seek quick and authentic review from customers about their employees or quality of services offered.

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Spotify launches 12 new apps

Having recently been valued as a $2 billion and more enterprise, Spotify launched its latest batch of 12 apps last week, taking the total number of apps on the social music server to 22. This recent release makes Spotify’s intention of making itself a complete music platform for listeners becomes more obvious to its competitors. More tie-ups with leading music labels have resulted in more branded apps than interactive ones by third party developers.

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Top social networks to watch out for!

More people are expanding their social lives online, leading to a number of new social networking sites popping up on the web every few months. Each new site tries to have enhanced social features appealing to people from every niche and create a diverse community on the internet.

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New apps for Facebook Timeline

Two months ago Facebook rolled out the Timeline feature and since then many apps have been making their presence felt on the social network. On Tuesday at the SXSW conference, Facebook’s product manager Austin Haugen announced that nearly 3000 apps are available for the Timeline, gradually rising in numbers since the company made its Open Graph application platform available for users.

Haugen was keen to underline the fact that several start-ups which have already made their apps public on the Facebook Timeline have been witnessing a commendable growth rate and multiplied user engagement since. Pose has seen an approx. 500% rise in their daily sign ups, while Goodreads has seen a steep 77% rise in their daily activity. Pinterest, a hot social hang-out these days has also credited its Facebook Timeline app for increasing their on-site traffic by 60%. Continue reading “New apps for Facebook Timeline”

What brand promoters should know about Pinterest

Within a short span of two years, Pinterest has seen rapid emergence in its popularity in the social networking sphere. Managed by Cold Brew Labs, the website is very popular among women and has an estimated 11.7 million active registered user base, of which 82% belong to the female strata. The pin board styled photo sharing website lets the users create theme based image collections by ‘pinning’ the desired images onto their boards.

Recent statistics have indicated Pinterest’s sharp rise in fame and several businesses are already making an impact on the network with branded profiles. Pinterest has also gained good reputation for driving high traffic to online publishing sites. Online magazines and blogs focusing on art, craft, home decor, fashion and food are finding Pinterest to be the ideal platform to venture out with new marketing strategies. Continue reading “What brand promoters should know about Pinterest”