30 Cool Looking Websites with Drop Down Menus

Drop down menus typically appear on websites that are content rich and need easy navigation. They allow their visitors to access categories and content without exerting a lot of search or effort – one click and they have what they want.

Navigation is a major key element in creating a successful website. A well-structured and clean site navigation is essential in the design of an effective user interface. Multi-level drop down menus are perfect if you are managing a site with several levels of content hierarchy. Typically, the design pattern for multi level menu websites has a submenu of navigation items that appear, whenever users hover over the main navigation item. The design, layout and color schemes vary a lot and some website even use icons to help usability.

In this collection we are showcasing various kinds of websites using drop down menus for your design inspiration. The menus can appear horizontally or vertically, but all are created with the user in mind. It is worth looking for multi level menu websites that have made their navigation responsive, flexible and interactive.

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40+ Unconventional Web Design Examples

In this post, I have compiled a list of more than 40 unconventional web design inspirations. While browsing on my list, you will realize that every design offers something special that hopefully will inspire you. The website in this post may even provide you with some ideas for your own successful web design projects.

The examples of unconventional web design that I included in this collection relates to a group of web designers who are willing to put in huge amount of resources to make their web pages look very appealing. Web design has developed into a very creative field and interactive designs and dynamic websites has become fashion statements and trendsetters.

Future advances in web technology are paving the way for designers to provide more creative designs, which can ultimately lead to the breaking of traditional web design layouts and rules. The unique and often unconventional web designs that we see today are powered by CMS’s, HTML5, CSS3 and other modern tools like jQuery – and know no limits. They allow web designers to be free, imaginative, creative but purposeful.

I hope that you like my collection of unconventional web design specimens. Please let us know which design is your favorite through the comment section below. Perhaps you are also a web designer and have created an unconventional design yourself? Or maybe you know of some unconventional web designs, which I failed to include in my list? To let your friends profit from my collection I encourage you to share this post with them.
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35+ Website Carousel Slider Designs – Looking For Inspiration?

Website carousel slider designs have become somewhat popular in the past several years. And with jQuery carousel plugins, it became much easier to implement them. A carousel is one of the best methods of presenting various contents that you want to be featured on your site homepage. By going through various features, carousels allow large amount of contents to be showcased in a particular area of a webpage.

If you still do not know what a carousel is, it is the turning display of the site content that is usually located on a prominent spot of the front page. By placing the carousel on an easy to see spot, the contents can grab user attention immediately. This is a very effective manner of attracting users to your contents. If you want your other contents to be given focus as well, website carousel designs might not be appropriate. The reason is that its visual prominence can distract your visitors instead. To prevent this, there are some methods that you can implement such as soft transition, pausing and other controls as well as proper timing. To enhance navigation, you can explore other options such as labeling and thumb nailing.

Website carousel designs should be explored if you want more contents squeezed into a webpage. To better enlighten you on how it could be done, here is a collection of more than 35 website carousel designs for your review. Please browse on each of these website carousel designs to have a better idea on how they work. Afterwards, you can share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment section below. If this post was able to inspire you, kindly share it with your friends.
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30+ Useful Date Picker Designs For Inspiration

Calendar  and date picker features are widely used in today’s web design. A functional date picker will increase user experience if your website is based on date input. It is faster for visitors to pick a date this way and not as trivial. The risk of getting the date wrong is also reduced with a date picker especially if users are used to a different date format.

You will find date pickers in all kinds of websites from blogs and personal sites to professional business websites. Most date pickers are designed the same way. When a user activate the date form field, a click-able calendar pop-up will open. This will allow users to click on the preferred date and automatically have the date added to the field. The form will be ready to be submitted within a few clicks.

If you’re going to use a jQuery date picker plugin you will be able to improve your calendar forms without coding, and your users will love it. In this article,  you will find more that 30 useful date picker designs to get you started. Please give us feedback in the comment section and remember to share this post with your friends.

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30+ WordPress Gallery Plugin Examples – Want More Impact?

The WordPress galley plugin directory contains an overwhelming amount of options. Some plugins are simple and contain minimal features while others are more sophisticated and have a large variety of fancy features.

WordPress is among the best platforms for creating websites and blogs. And if you’re planning to create a truly cool portfolio online, there are plenty of WordPress plugins and themes that can be used for the purpose. You can use a WordPress gallery plugin to display images in an attractive and organized way without having to code a single line.

Why is this relevant? It is essential for a successful professional website to use illustrations, photos and other types of images and media. This will make the website more appealing and easier to digest for the readers plus it will help you attract more attention. The success of creative people and artists also rely on a strong online showcase of their best artworks.

To give you a better idea of what a WordPress gallery plugin can do, I have compiled a list of 30 WordPress gallery plugins for your inspiration. These plugins can be used to enhance the media capabilities of your website. You can also check out these jQuery plugins with carousel features on CreativeCan.

I hope you can find a gallery plugin for WordPress that will help you grow your website around images. Do not forget to tell us your thoughts on this article through the comment section below. Maybe you even know of a cool WordPress gallery plugin that is not included in my list?

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30+ Phenomenal Non-profit Website Designs

Many non-profit websites have a call to action purpose and their ability to attract support and focus in the public is critical to the success of the organization. Web designers often address this need by using strong colors, stunning photos of people and environment and large typography to deliver the key messages.

Websites in the non-profit category are often created using non-profit website templates, and more and more non-profit websites use WordPress as the publishing platform. Most of these  websites  and the organizations behind them are fighting for good causes and a better world, but also religious and church websites belong here.

In this article, I have collected website build by various organizations as an inspiration resource for non-profit web design. The websites will serve as great inspiration if you work as a web designer and work on a website targeting this niche. Please let me know in a comment if I missed great examples of non-profit website designs.

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35 Fullscreen background websites

Fullscreen background websites have the potential to give visitors a stunning visual experience. They are not great for delivering text-based content, but as photography and video portfolios, they ROCK!

Many fullscreen website designs take up the entire viewport and have minimalistic design in such a way that menus, sidebars, widgets or footers are cut down to an absolute minimum. This ensures a clean and visually appealing design and at the same time allows full focus to be set on the visual effects and images. Some sites even plays an audio track in the background or use full screen video backgrounds to capture visitor attention.

Fullscreen websites may look advanced and difficult to implement, but with the massive supply of great fullscreen website templates, it is not as hard as you may think. Many of these themes are even fully responsive and this means you can show off your visual content on mobile devices as well.

In this post, I am sharing some of the mist inspiring, fresh and visually appealing full screen websites for your inspiration.

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30+ Eye Catching Responsive Website Designs

The web design industry is young, and new techniques, trends and tools arrive all the time. The movement towards mobile internet, however, have completely turned around everything and more or less every client now ask for responsive website designs. The idea about responsive layouts was introduced by Ethan Marcotte in 2010 and is about building websites that use CSS media queries to adapt to the screen sizes users have. This is an elegant solution as building and maintaining web layouts for every type of popular device is impossible and very expensive.

While the basic idea about responsive website design is well known and accepted there are endless ways to implement responsive capabilities in a website design. Therefore, it is a good idea to seek inspiration about responsive website designs to get an idea of the possibilities and what works well on different device types. You should also note that you could use responsive themes for WordPress to implement responsive WordPress websites on a thigh deadline and minimal budget. In this article I present for you a collection of well-designed responsive website designs for your inspiration.

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15 Useful Online Web Design Tools And Resources

Web design is a demanding and complex undertaking and web designers have to learn many different creative and technical skills in order to deliver modern and professional solutions. Experience and patience are essential skills as well, but a set of useful online web design tools to speed up things also comes in handy.

Below you will find a collection of online web design tools I have found useful for web designers. These tools can help you with responsive design, color schemes, fonts, beautiful patterns, icons and more. Please share in a comment what tools you use and why they are great!

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