30+ Awesome jQuery Calendar and Date Picker Plugins

jquery calendar and date picker plugins

Running a modern and user-friendly website entails many technologies and tools. One of the technologies that we see used more and more is jQuery plugins and for websites that have complex forms I would say that jQuery calendar date picker plugins is a must. These plugins can be used to extend the capability of your website forms often making it simpler and less error prone for users to choose dates. In addition, some websites have fully featured calendars integrated and jQuery is also quite useful in this case. jQuery calendar plugins are typically interactive  and rely on ajax to provide a responsive interface.

Some of the advantages of using the jQuery is that, it is lightweight, flexible, and then it offers cross browser support. In addition, there are many high quality jQuery tutorials on how to integrate jQuery on your website, why getting started is achievable.

In this post, I have collected some of the best jQuery plugins for displaying dates and date pickers. Try to explore the collection and I am sure you will find a script for your needs. In addition, you should investigate some of the other cool possibilities with jQuery. One of the most popular categories is sliders and jQuery carousel plugins that we see used on most websites these days. Please do not forget to share this article to your friends and type your comments if you find it useful. Enjoy!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.

EvenTouch Calendar – MORE INFO


This item represents an events calendar, offered as a jQuery plugin. It looks like Google Calendar, but in a simpler way. It is composed of two parts – Horizontal month calendar (to go to a certain date easily) and Week calendar (the main calendar, we can go to previous/next weeks with it). The calendar manages the time with half hours (so, 48 cells a day), and it authorizes only one event at a T time. It uses HTML / CSS / JS.

glDatePicker – MORE INFO


glDatePicker is a simple, customizable, lightweight date picker calendar plugin for jQuery weighing in 4KB compressed.

wdCalendar – MORE INFO / DEMO


wdCalendar is a jquery based Google calendar clone. It cover most Google calendar features. User can choose to have a daily view, weekly view or monthly view. User can easily create, update or remove events by drag & drop. It is very simple to to integrate wdCalendar with a database.

AJAX Booking Calendar Pro (jQuery Calendar Plugin) – MORE INFO / DEMO


This item is ideal if you want to add information about bookings to your rentals website. The Back End is easy to use and can be easily integrated into your own CMS as the Front End can be easily integrated into your website. Both Back End and Front End can be customized separately, and the number of usages on your webpage or website is unlimited. The Calendar comes with a PHP script, but any server side script can be used to load or to save data from any database. The Booking Calendar is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone).

Simple Events Calendar JS – MORE INFO / DEMO


Professional & Elegant Calendar, special for Modern web designs, templates etc.

Timeline Calendar – MORE INFO / DEMO


Timeline is simple JavaScript driven calendar, which is written on top of jQuery JavaScript framework. Timeline is a horizontal representation of days in month. It can be used to display unlimited number of events with their descriptions.

VCalendar – MORE INFO / DEMO


VCalendar (Virtual Web Calendar) is an open source Web calendar application for posting and maintaining events and schedules online, in calendar format. This is an excellent and free jquery Calendar solution for use by online Web communities and any commercial and non-commercial organizations. Unlike any other online calendars, VCalendar comes with source code in multiple programming languages: PHP, ASP and ASP.NET with potential for adding more technologies in the future.

Event Calendar – MORE INFO


Event Calendar is a jquery Calendar and ColdFusion event calendar that works a lot like the Google Calendar system. With Event Calendar, you can share calendar information throughout your organization. There is also a simple user facade, that you can extend, to help control user rights.

jQuery.calendarPicker – MORE INFO


This component is a light-weight jquery Calendar/date-picker. Some features are – support for internationalization, changing current date, supports mouse wheel scrolling and much more.

jQuery Date Range Picker – MORE INFO / DEMO


Simple jQuery UI date picker extension to allow user to choose date ranges. When user chooses a date, a hidden form is submitted. Uses jQuery 1.6 and jQuery UI 1 .8. Tested in and compatible with IE 6 -9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

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