10+ Great WordPress Facebook plugins

WordPress Facebook Plug-Ins

WordPress Facebook plugins makes it simple to add Facebook integration to a WordPress website or blog. WordPress, the most popular publishing software, continues to lead the pack of blogging platforms  and even CMS. Most of these WordPress websites drive traffic through social networks with Facebook as the prime focus of connectivity since it provides a diverse niche of possible consumers for bloggers and marketers. Website owners ought to integrate Facebook connectivity to their sites using plugins so that they can to have easy and authentic interaction with people on different ends and to increase the visibility of their websites.

Here we are sharing with you some of the best WordPress Facebook plugins out there that can help you in your campaign to boost your social media traffic.

Simple Facebook Connect

simple facebook connect

This is an extremely useful series of plug-ins which lets you integrate the complete Facebook Connectivity feature to your WordPress site. Once you’re done setting up the base plug-in with not a lot of coding, additional plug-ins add value individually based on their purpose. The plug-in lets you publish your content on Facebook, with readers having the ability to comment online and do all the general stuff Facebook lets you, on your WordPress blog.


WP4FB is a cool WordPress Facebook Plugin for making and maintaining FaceBook pages from WordPress. It offers some really special features controlling what content on Facebook your fans can see and when.


Facebook Comments for WordPress

facebook comments for wordpress

A simple plug-in to let users post comments through Facebook if your site supports is comment-enabled. You can easily customize the style, number and notification for the comments.




This WordPress Facebook plug-in imports all your photos from Facebook to your WordPress post/blog/site and interfaces them through the Facebook API. You are also provided with an easy to use Ajax album management panel.

Facebook Dashboard Widget

facebook dashboard widget

Through this plug-in you’ll be able to stream your friends’ updates to the dashboard on your site. Interestingly, all kinds of data posted on the RSS feeds lands on your dashboard.

Share on Facebook

Through a footer link which the plug-in generates, you’ll be able to share a page or post on Facebook.

Gigya Socialize

gigya socialize

Gigya is this handy plug-in which help users log on to your site through Facebook Connect, Twitter and even via most mail clients and share their feed across these platforms.

Facebook Page Themes via WordPress Admin

Through this plug-in you’ll be able to easily customize every feature of the 5 default Facebook Page Themes via WordPress admin, meaning you won’t have to edit html/php files to add or edit data.


social box

SocialBox lets you display your different social stats from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Digg etc. on to your WordPress site in an easy fashion through a sleek social widget.

Facebook Page Social Gallery

This plug-in imports the Facebook photo album as a JSON object and renders it in a beautiful way to present on your blog or website.

WordPress Facebook Grabber

This plug-in allows you to post public content from Facebook to your WordPress blog or site through tags.

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