25 Beautiful Premium Tumblr Themes Showcase

premium tumblr themes

With the explosive growth of the web industry worldwide, different blogging platforms have surfaced to meet the ever expanding number of web users. One of these platforms is Tumblr. Unlike the traditional platforms and blogging service providers, Tumblr is not a full-blown blogging system. Instead, it is a microblogging service that provides a publishing system to contents which are too large for Twitter, yet too small to fit to WordPress theme pages.

This microblogging service of Tumblr allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog, named a “tumblelog”. Aside from that, users can follow other users’ blogs and if they so desire, make their blogs private. Indeed, Tumblr is not just a microblogging platform but a social media network as well. Basically, a tumblog is accessed through its dashboard where the user can post contents, customize the settings of his site and configure the way it appears. You can do so by choosing Tumblr themes which are available for free for the site, but if you want a professionally designed and coded theme with great features, support and layout, you can buy one from your trusted theme provider.

Here in this article, we are showcasing some of the beautiful and premium Tumblr themes that you can use on your Tumblogs. You will find tumblr themes for different purposes and different layouts so you can really choose the theme that you want based on your personal preferences. You can find more Tumblr themes showcased on splashmagazine.com, if you want to continue browsing.

We hope that this article can help you find a nice that you have been looking for. Enjoy!

Optic Responsive Tumblr Theme

Optic is a responsive Tumblr theme. It is perfect for any blog type and it is featuring the Masonry jQuery plugin. Optic comes packed full of jQuery awesomeness letting you show your blog posts in all their glory. Pick colours for any part of the theme so you can fully customise it the way you want. Also pick your favourite font from the Google fonts library and add it in using the themes options panel.


MORE INFO | DEMO – by Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

UltraMnml – Clean & Responsive Tumblr Theme

UltraMnml is a very clean, minimalistic and responsive Tumblr theme made for the power blogger. It supports all post types and is made for any type of Tumblr blogger, whether you’re a writer or a photo blogger, this theme will make your content look awesome. It is also responsive so it’ll look great on both your phone or tablet.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Incorporated Tumblr Theme

This is a nice and very feature rich Tumblr theme. You will have good functionality and a good looking blog with this theme.


MORE INFO| DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Vintage Scrapbook

Vintage Scrapbook is a whimsical, highly detailed theme inspired by the colours, styles, and textures found in old documents. This theme features a highly customizable sidebar space and displays your blog title in a gorgeous distressed typeface.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Pixelunion (Premium Tumblr theme)

Shift Tumblr theme

The Shift Tumblr theme is ideal for any blog, from a personal blog to portfolios! The image slider allows you to showcase your favourite images or best portfolio work. Shift supports all of the Tumblr post types and also features a custom post page with a sidebar to add affiliate links or a Flickr photo feed.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Squared Folio Tumblr Portfolio Theme

A fresh, clean and stylish Portfolio to show off your work. It contains loads of Customization Options, Cufon Font replacement, a optional image slider, Google Analytics and Google Maps support, you can upload your own logo, and set up links to your social network accounts. You can turn on/off almost every section/part of this Theme, as well as give almost every section a custom title from within your admin menu. One of the better simple tumbler themes.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)


Circularity is a simple, yet powerful theme that gives you the flexibility to select your own color palettes, backgrounds, as well as the ability to add a number of social links like Twitter, Facebook, Gowalla, and more.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Pixelunion (Premium Tumblr theme)

Squared Magazine – Tumblr News / Magazine Theme

It sports a true category navigation and custom widgets to give your Tumblog a real Magazine feel, like Related Articles, Latest Posts, Tagcloud, Comments, Social Network Sharing, a widget area for as many widgets as you like (for example ads, polls and so on) and much more. This is one of the better simple tumbler themes.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Essentia – 2 in 1 Tumblr Theme

The Essentia Tumblr theme brings with it the next evolution in web technology: movement. This theme emphasises a unique, crisp and hi-tech look to your blog with a whole host of customisation options. One of the niftiest functions included, is the ability to upload your own background and watch it scroll automatically; To get your started, this theme is packaged with 4 Bokeh (Bubbles) backgrounds along with the PSD file to play around with.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)


Shutterbug is a professional photography theme for Tumblr that has been hand-crafted to make your photos shine. With the ability to switch between a light or dark background, Shutterbug is sure to showcase your work in the best light possible.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Pixelunion (Premium Tumblr theme)

Rapture Tumblr Theme

Rapture Tumblr theme is perfect for anything from a portfolio, personal blog, group blog or business blog. It features an image slider to showcase your best work, which can optionally be switched off if you would prefer not to have one. The Rapture Tumblr theme comes with an extensive amount of options allowing you the freedom to customise your blog with little code exposure. All the widgets in the sidebar can be turned off or on through the Appearance menu when customising your Tumblog.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Paperback Theme

Paperback is a light and clean theme for the literate. It’s hugely customizable: tweak your titles, colors, and footer features, including a new Instagram feed. Understated yet polished, Paperback is perfect for personal & professional blogs alike.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Pixelunion (Premium Tumblr theme)


Domericano – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is a clean, minimal and beautiful using the Masonry effect as well as optional Endless scrolling. It is suited for all kinds of blogs and portfolios, easy to install, has a ton of options and is heavily jquery enhanced.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)


Bookmark is a theme for those that love a good read. It’s perfect for critics, academics or anyone else with literary flare.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Pixelunion (Premium Tumblr theme)

Crisps Tumblr Theme

This is a clean, minimal and easily customisable theme for Tumblr.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)


Kodiak is as close to being a magazine as themes get. It’s our first horizontally-scrolling theme, and features a tags tab, “smart” infinite scroll, and a brand new custom photoset mechanic. The second and most visually unique of our 3-theme Alaskan suite, Kodiak is simultaneously lightweight and luxurious. Pick it up today for $49.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Pixelunion (Premium Tumblr theme)


Storybook is part fairy tale, part workhorse, and all handcrafted. Featuring additional page support, crisp aesthetics, and myriad content type support, Storybook is a fantastical Premium theme for anyone wanting more whimsy in their web.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Pixelunion (Premium Tumblr theme)

Forma – Premium Tumblr Theme

Forma focuses on real content, presented in a refined design. The flawless user experience is the most notable feature of Forma. At the same time the blog author has full control over the theme, thanks to the theme options.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)


Stockholm is a personal theme designed for those that love illustration, photography, and design. Stockholm emphasizes the beauty of simple typography, using subtle patterns to set off a washed out color pallette.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Pixelunion (Premium Tumblr theme)

Focus – A Minimalistic Tumblr Theme

Focus is a minimalistic and adaptive Tumblr theme aimed at presenting your content, to any device, without clutter. It features easy to change colors and background images as well as support for Disqus, Flickr, Twitter, Dribbble and Google Analytics. This theme gives a tailored view to each device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, etc) that visits it and only serves the content that is required, helping to speed up delivery of your site.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Pixelated tumblr theme

Pixelated theme is a premium tumblr theme designed by Oscar Barber to display the best way all you want to share on Tumblr. This theme focus on details and supports every single post type Tumblr allows: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, video and finally Ask Me (a very new feature wich allows users to ask you questions you can reply to). Each post type is displayed with it own unique formatting style. All you need to do is select the type you want to publish and Pixelated theme will do the rest.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme

Pop Gallery is a Tumblr theme for visual portfolios, galleries, handcrafts shops, with the unique possibility to present distinct thumbnails for new, sold and reserved items. It has a beautiful and clean design with circular thumbnails.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Cleanfolio – A Clean Tumblr Portfolio Theme

Cleanfolio is a premium tumblr portfolio theme designed to be as clean as possible in order to let your work take the stage. It is suitable for all kind of creative portfolios as well as for small businesses.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Heterotelic Tumblr Theme

Heterotelic is a two column tumblr theme the features Image Slider Banner, Social Share Icons for each post, DISQUS Comments, Facebook Page like-box, Twitter Status display widget and etc.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Timeline tumblr theme

TIMELINE is a Premium Tumblr Theme that was designed to view your tumblog as timelines. This is a personal theme that’s suitable in use for people who have an active and enjoyable life.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Gallera – Photo Gallery/Portfolio Theme for Tumblr

“Gallera” is a clean and elegant gallery theme with subtle grunge background texture and custom typography. It’s best suited for photographers, artists and designers who want to showcase their work in the best possible way, but can be used as a web gallery or any other site where images take central part.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

Litefolio – portfolio theme for Tumblr

Clean and minimalistic portfolio theme with jQuery slider for designers, photographers and illustrators.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)


POPCASE is a Tumblr theme with 3 column layouts and unlimited color scheme control, suitable for displaying your artworks and articles.


MORE INFO | DEMOby Themeforest (Premium Tumblr theme)

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