40+ Outstanding Sets of Photoshop Tree Brushes

Photoshop brushes are essential resources in a designer’s toolbox because they can be used to speed up his work. This is especially true in creating designs containing commonly found objects in our environment such as trees and flowers. Instead of illustrating them, designers can make it considerably easy by downloading some tree, or flower brushes for Photoshop, as the case may be, and use them right on.

So in this article, we are sharing with you some of the high-quality Photoshop tree brushes to complement the floral brushes that you might have at your disposal right now. Some of these materials are free for both for personal and commercial use while there are some which are only free only for personal usage. Should you wish to use such materials for commercial projects, please ask permission from their authors or otherwise comply with the requests that they may have laid out on their portfolio. Other than that, share with us your thoughts or perhaps the artworks or designs that you may have created out of these brushes. It will greatly inspire others to create artworks using the tree brush sets as well. Enjoy!
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30+ Awesome Lined Paper Textures for Designers

From time to time, designers make use of textures to create beautiful artworks and web designs. This being the case, it is necessary that as a designer, should have a collection of these resources in order to save yourself the trouble of looking for these items just when they are badly needed. Among the textures, one of the frequently used are those which are made of paper specifically those which are old and weathered.

In this article, we are sharing with you another set of paper textures this time consisting of lined papers to supplement the existing posts we have about paper textures. As you will see, all of these are of high quality ideal to be used as backgrounds in photo manipulations and other graphic designs. Check these lined paper textures and enjoy!
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30+ Creatively Cool Ice Sculptures for Inspiration

Ice sculptures are forms of art which are not only beautiful but also amazing in their own right. Like those which are made of snow, these artworks are not as hard as wood or concrete sculptures but they are more radiant and appealing specially when they glisten from the rays of the sun, or from some special lighting. Because of their beauty and their limited life span, ice sculptures are usually made as decorative items during a special or extravagant event.

Here in this article, we are showcasing some of the ice sculptures which are really fantastic and truly exemplary because of their artistic qualities. As you will see, most of these artworks are filled with intricate details that you will not think can be implemented with precision on a material as delicate and brittle as ice. Check out the fantastic works of some of the talented ice sculptors and enjoy!
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40 Beautiful Retro Vintage Poster Designs

Retro vintage has staged a comeback in almost every aspect of graphic design. From website designs to product packaging and logos, the trend towards retro is once again alive and considered to be classy and fashionable. Of course, these remakes are derived from the style that has been prevalent during the 60s, the 70s, the 80s and other bygone eras, during which no graphic software was at the disposal of designers. No glossy gradients, battery of fonts, and others that can speed up the design process. Instead artists had to rely on their own hands to create every detail of their work.

In this article, we are sharing with you another retro styled graphic works which by far were very prominent and so they exude the look and feel of the past. Here are some of the retro vintage poster designs to add up to the inspirational items that you know about in retro vintage designing. We encourage you to share this article to your friends so that they too can see this awesome collection of retro vintage posters.

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35 Heart Stopping Battle Illustrations for Inspiration

Battle illustrations are one of the favorite artworks that fantasy illustrators would love to create. Why they love so is because they are what everybody loves to see, whether you have an eye for anything artistic or not. Indeed battle scenes are always filled with suspense, and for that they always catch the attention of the audience.

In this article you will see some of the beautiful battle illustrations created by talented artists who really have the skill and imagination to create something fantastic and creative. Like the some of the female warrior illustrations and digital paintings that you can find in the web, these too are created with the aid of software like Photoshop, Illustrator, the powerful 3d modeling and animation tools – 3ds Max and Maya. If you want to learn how to create photorealistic artworks, it’s about time the you invest in learning these tools. Meanwhile, see what powerful graphic software can do in the hands of skilled artists. Enjoy!
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25 Great Social Media jQuery Plugins and Tutorials

jQuery as a standard in web design, has found itself to be driving force in many areas of web pages. Currently it is being used to make infinite scrolling of content in websites, and also to implement page flip image and content presentation systems. These, along with more ubiquitous jQuery sliders and carousels, are what make the scripting language highly valuable in web design and development.

Also, another core application of the JavaScript library is its use in social media promotion or connectivity of a website. Luckily, you can do this easily by integrating some social media jQuery plugins available in the web. You can choose a tool that can appropriately meet your social media promotional needs but finding them may not be easy as it seems.

So here in this article, we are sharing with you some of these social media jQuery plugins that you can use to meet your varied social media needs.A number of these resources are free but we are also including some premium items for you to have a broader insight. Also, you will find a number of social media jQuery tutorials with downloadable source codes at the end so that you will have a look, or even a coding experience with jQuery that can further boost your facility with the language. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts and share this article to your friends in the social media. Enjoy!
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35+ Beautiful Infographics That Effectively Present Data

The use of infographics as a data presentation medium has been very popular in and off the web, and it is primarily because of their unique appeal to the audience. Instead of presenting information in a narrative, or in a rigidly graphical manner, consisting mainly of line and graphs, pie charts and diagrams with raw statistical figures, infographics take it to a higher level as they add a touch art, and clearer visual representations accompanied by short descriptions. This makes infographics more interesting and so generally, they tend to be read in their entirety than the traditional charts or tables. Creating great infograpics that attract serious attention online can be a huge challenge. Both because there are so many  awesome infograpics released all the time and because it required a number of skills. Not only is it required to get access to a great data set but also to simplify presentation of the data in a clever way using visual elements such as infograpic graphics and design kits.

In this article, we are sharing with you some of the beautiful infographics that effectively present data. These infographics as you will notice, have carefully calibrated visuals especially designed not to drive the attention of the audience unto themselves and obscure the numerical data and message in the process, but rather as elements that support and encourage the readers to know the facts. These infographics in other words do not sacrifice the readability of the texts and numbers in favor of the irresistible graphics, nor they take for granted the visual elements to the point of appearing less inviting. Rather, these infographics are embodiment of the balance between the two. They tend to be neat, organized, professional and they encourage uninterrupted train of thoughts as you digest the whole thing. Check out these beautiful infographics and enjoy!
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10 Useful Infinite Scrolling jQuery Plugins

One of the great pagination interfaces in websites nowadays is infinite scrolling, or one that automatically loads the undisplayed content once you reach the bottom part of the page. This becomes possible with infinite scrolling jQuery plugins especially coded to perform the job. You can see these effects in action in well-known websites as Facebook and Twitter.

When implemented on a website, infinite scrolling have many advantages, one of which are is the increased possibility of the visitors to read the automatically loaded content than it is when they have to click the “next page” button. This encourages them to stay on the site longer and read more content. In this article, we are showcasing some of the great plugins to give your websites the infinite scrolling capability. All of these plugins are free to download but we are encouraging you to learn more about them as go to their source pages. Enjoy!
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35+ Awesome Incredible Hulk Illustrations and Digital Paintings

Marvel Comics has been instrumental for the creation of greatly entertaining fictional superheroes, notably the X-Men, in which Wolverine is one of the members. Aside from the venerated team of mutant in the X-Men, Marvel Comics also have a brawny, earth-smashing, chest-beating, destruction and mauling specialist in the name of Hulk.

First appeared in 1962, Hulk, as we know him, actually is Robert Bruce Banner. Over the years of the comic series, Hulk has been portrayed differently by different writers but there tends to be a common theme among them. Chief among them is the fact that Banner was exposed to radiation from a gamma bomb explosion. Later he found himself in a hospital but he seemed to have been unscathed. That night however, he was transformed into a heavily muscular giant who tore down walls and escape. After that a search party was assembled and a soldier dubbed the otherwise unknown creature as a “Hulk,” and  since then he was known by such moniker.

Basically, it has been portrayed that Banner would transform into Hulk, a green, mutant, humanoid, monster when he is fuming with rage. This however, is involuntary on his part. For the length and duration of the Hulk series, the character has been depicted to have battled with villains in a classic action filled mauling and smashing method. The concept put forward by Marvel Comics found itself to have been deeply endeared to the people around the world and this is why there are lot of remakes and different takes and portrayal of the superhero character by some artists. Here are some of the incredible Hulk illustrations and digital paintings courtesy of different creatives around the world. Check them out and enjoy!

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