20 Useful and Free T-Shirt Design Tutorials

t-shirt design tutorials

Aside from the usual graphic illustration and designing skills required in creating t-shirt designs, there are also unique approaches which are distinctly applicable to this trade alone. From the conceptual stage, the designer has to take into account that the theme of the design is for a t-shirt, not a poster, a flyer, a canvas, or a web application.

In the end, you have to realize that somebody will eventually wear your design and as such, you should be aware what kind of crowd you are designing for and why they should wear your design. Some group of people might be attracted to a certain design while others may not show any interest for it. Thus, geeky t-shirts may look attractive for web aficionados while it might not be so to other people. Generally, people like designs that can influence one’s opinion or at least make him aware whatever message your design carries.

Aside from that, you should also be able to determine the scales of your designs. T-shirts vary in sizes and so you should also have the right scale to be used on a specific t-shirt size. Also, you should be able to know where to position your print properly. If you intend to put your design on the center of the t-shirt for example, you have to realize that women generally have larger chests than men and so part of the design might be a little elevated. Also designs can be placed at the back, at the bottom part of the right or left corner, etc. You see, designing t-shirts has its own unique demands and it is better if you are aware about the best practices, methods and procedures being followed by professional t-shirt designers.

So, to help you acquire some skills that can help you make t-shirts prints, we are sharing with you some of these free t-shirt design tutorials. Here, you can find a step-by-step procedure on how to make beautiful, creative and professionally crafted t-shirt designs. Follow them and enjoy!

How to Create Photorealistic T-Shirt Mockups


Learn how to create a photorealistic mockup to be used on t-shirts.

Design a Retro, Rock T-Shirt Design


This tutorial will teach you how to make a cool rock inspired t-shirt design.

How to design an impressive graphic tee in Photoshop


Learn how to create together a stylized portrait of a blindfolded lady, using some resources and dealing with simple Photoshop techniques.

Design your own T-shirt with a typography portrait


This tutorial will show you how to design your own T-shirt using a nice typography portrait.

Design Your Own Graphic Tee in Photoshop – Part 2


This tutorial will demonstrate how you can create a composite t-shirt design from photo assets and basic drawing techniques.

Super-Slick, Screen Printing Separations with Illustrator


In this tutorial, you will explore the process of taking your design from the screen to the shirt. Specifically, it addresses one of the biggest headaches for a designer – separating your design for print. The steps in this tutorial will show you how to keep your clients looking good, and your screen-printers sane.

Design a one-colour T-shirt


This tutorial will explain how to create a T-shirt design that’s easily reproducible at any print shop – or even at home if you have access to some simple screen-printing equipment.

Designing Ultra SceneXCore Apparel!


This is a tutorial or a simple “how-to” guide to help you with your design projects.

How to Create a Cute Vector Bear T-Shirt Design


This tutorials will show you how to design a cute bear character and surrounding scenery in just two colors, ready for use as a cool t-shirt design.

How To Create A T-Shirt Stitch Design


Create a stitched text design for use as your t-shirt pritnt.

Separations for screen printing


This tutorials will teach you how to separate the logo’s colors and have them printed so that you can shoot them onto a silkscreen to print shirts.

6 Great Tips On How To Prepare Artwork for T-Shirt Printing


Have you ever worked extremely hard for long hours on a t-shirt design for yourself or a client, only to have the printer tell you that your design won’t work for t-shirt printing? This problem is not that uncommon and this tutorial would like to provide you with a few easy tips on how to prepare your artwork for printing on t-shirts.

Go Media’s Rapid-Fire Illustration Technique


A little illustration short-cut in your t-shirt design.

How to design a funny Monkey T-Shirt illustration


This tutorial will show you how to create a nice monkey illustration and how to apply it on a t-shirt.

DIY vintage T-shirts


It’s easy to create authentic collegiate T-shirt designs using a good old-fashioned iron. In this tutorial, illustrator Derek Lea reveals how combining Illustrator and Photoshop can create stunning results.

Create a balanced T-shirt graphic


This tutorial will walk through the creation of a well-arranged, busy T-shirt design.

Create a Custom T-Shirt Stencil Design


Create a low-cost, low-tech T-shirt using a digitally designed stencil.When low numbers or high expense prevents you from sourcing professionally screenprinted products, you can easily produce a small run of custom T-shirt designs using a good old fashioned stencil technique!

3D Effect for T-Shirt Designs


Learn how to create fancy 3D effects on your t-shirt designs.

Photoshop T-shirt Design


This tutorial will show you an approach to designing T-shirts that doesn’t use multiple templates, multiple files and multiple colors. Less is often more, and simplifying the process won’t detract from your designs.

Design an Artistic Watercolor T-Shirt Design


Learn how to make an attractive t-shirt design that appears to be created using watercolor.


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