30 Really Helpful Advanced Digital Painting Tutorials

Looking around you can find some photo realistic artworks that will leave you amazed as to how they are created. Even more wonderful is the fact that many artworks of these kind are created completely with the use of graphic software using a photograph, or in some cases only raw imagination and creativity to rely upon. How they are created is really a demonstration of advanced artistic talent since, impressive look oftentimes come from a long and highly complicated series of maneuvers that beginning artists would find overwhelming to understand, much more follow.

Some of the professional artists share with us their techniques on how they created some of their digital paintings, but as said, they require advanced level of understanding and skill in using a number of graphic software so, the procedure is likely to be very complex for those who have not yet mastered the fundamentals of graphic designing. However, even if you are not a pro, you can still have a cursory look at these tutorials and be inspired to elevate your craft and reach the level of skill of these artists. Meanwhile, for practice, you can follow some of the cartoon illustration tutorials using Adobe Illustrator. Such tutorials are more detailed and they are really intended to help young and budding artists grow.

For those who are on their way to becoming pros, obviously these tutorials are for you. This article, will lead you to the important instructions and methodology done by professional artists in making digital paintings. A number of these artworks are done using 3Ds Max, a digital sculpting tool ZBrush, Photoshop or a combination with other tools. Also, you will find a graphic tablet to be useful as some of the authors use them for convenience. Check these advanced digital painting tutorials and enjoy!
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35 Examples of Beautiful House Inspired Logos

Anyone who has ever attempted to make a logo for his own business must have realized the it is not an easy task. It takes a combination of skill, creativity, experience and also some design inspiration. This being the case, the task is better left to professional designers who know how to harness their talent in order to come up with a simple, clever, catchy and creative logos irrespective of the business or industry where they will be used.

So for those who want to create logos for a real estate business, one of the commonly used illustration icons for this industry, are houses. Basically house and lots are the products being offered for sale by realtors so it necessarily follows that they are symbols that can be used to speak of the business and establish identity.

Knowing how houses, buildings and the like are implemented on actual logos would certainly give us an idea how to better present our conceptual ideas in a way which are beautiful, creative and downright effective. Here is the list of some of the beautiful house inspired logos that can help you formulate ideas. Enjoy!
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30 Beautiful Grunge Patterns You Must Have

Patterns have a special role in graphic and web design and it is because of a good reason. They add depth, tactile feel and personality to graphic creations. If you happen to observe, you can see patterns being used as backgrounds in web design, and as overlays in artworks. This seemingly ubiquitous employment of patterns is primarily because of their availability in the web. You can find a lot of these resources classified either as freebies or as premium items. Also, you will find them in appearances ranging from clean and sleek gradients, to subtle and heavily grungy impressions of almost macabric proportions.

Here we are sharing with you a number of grunge pattern sets that you can use on a variety of graphic projects. These patterns are all free to use for personal projects. In you intend to use some of these grunge patterns for your commercial projects however, be sure to check if their authors allow such kind of use. Some require that you ask permission if you want to use their works for profit. Either way, you can opt to use only those that do not impose any form of restriction or limitation for their release if you find it cumbersome or time consuming to follow the terms attached to their commercial usage. If you like this article please share it to your friends. Your suggestions, appreciations etc. are also welcome at the end. Enjoy!

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30 High-Quality and Free Landscape Vectors for Designers

Making landscape vectors entails a lot of focus, time, creativity and skill in using a vector based software like Illustrator. This being the case, it is nice to have some free vectors around to play with in our design concepts or in our private experiments.

In this article, we are showcasing a number of these landscape vectors in eps file format for you to use to speed up your design task. These are fully editable so you can customize them whatever you want. You can add additional elements or alter them as you wish. This way to can develop your skill or even produce an output without having to start from scratch. If you want to use them for commercial purposes however, please be advised to verify their license terms as may be necessary to make sure that you do not infringe upon their rights of their creators. Enjoy!
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50+ Amazing Landing Page Templates for Better Conversion

Those who rely heavily on their online presence to market their products realize that it is crucial that they convert the traffic on their websites into sales. To get this done requires adoption of techniques and best practices of online marketing and one of the great ways to start with, is to use an effective landing page. A great landing page can do wonders on your business as it encourages your visitors to not just know more about your products, but most of all to try them for real. This article will show you some of the great landing page templates that you can use to boost your conversion in an easy way.
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10 Useful Restaurant WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a versatile platform ready to meet the needs of different websites and it is so because of the huge community of developers making specialized themes for different purposes. There are themes which are designed for general business and corporate purposes and there are some which are specially tailored to meet the needs of specific class of businesses like themes for cafes, bars and restaurants. Aside from that, you can also find those which are dedicated to religious and non-profit purposes and many more.

In you have an existing theme however and you want it to have a specialize function or feature, you can also do so without necessarily changing your theme. There are a lot of plugins around that you can install to extend the power of your theme like never before. Again like WordPress themes, WordPress plugins are coded to meet specific needs and there are lot of them available for free now.

In this article, we are showcasing some of the restaurant WordPress plugins that you can use to add restaurant functionalities to your default themes. All of these are free so you can avail all of them without spending. Check these out and enjoy!

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35 Beautiful Nature Photo Manipulation Artworks

Nature has always been favorite subject of art and it is because we depend on it for survival and also for recreation. Indeed, the destruction of nature is the destruction of humanity in itself and so many artists use it to convey the state of our natural world clearly, intelligently and creatively. Also, the sight of nature in itself even on its unadulterated beauty is always refreshing. It calms the senses and it gives us positive energy.

With nature photo manipulation artworks however, the effect is oftentimes a mixture of fascination, for the creativity manifested by the surreal artworks, and the feeling of dread and realization akin to what we feel when we see global warming, or environment conservation ads. That’s it.

Artists do not only make use of nature on their work for the sake of art alone, but more importantly to send a message of environmental awareness to the audience; and you will notice them in these nature photo manipulations. Check these awesome collection and give us your thoughts about the artistry, the message or the overall impact of any of these artworks. Enjoy!
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20 Free and Premium WordPress Video Plugin Collection

If you are running on WordPress and you want to extend the capability of your theme so it can better showcase video content, the most practical way to do it is to use a WordPress video plugin. By installing a good plugin, you can turn your regular blog WordPress theme into one that can handle the special needs of video blogs.

Certainly, you can choose either a free or a premium plugin for your website depending on your preferences. If you want one with regular updates and support, with powerful and versatile features then it is in your best interest that you use a premium plugin. On the other hand, if you have simple wishes for your video platform a good opensource plugin can generally do the job.

So in this article, we are showcasing both free and premium plugins to meet the varied needs and requirements that you may have for your website. Check these WordPress video plugins and boost the functionality of your WordPress website. Another cool way to build a video enabled website is to use WordPress video themes where the features to promote video content is integrated.
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10 jQuery Plugins for 360 Degree Image Rotation

In a web design, one of the things that webmasters do to stimulate interactivity of the site is to add slideshows, carousels, accordions and other image display mechanisms with fancy animation effects. To achieve it, often calls for Flash but right now, jQuery is gaining ground because of its compatibility to mobile devices, compatibility with major browsers and ease of use in general.

In this article, we are featuring some of the jQuery plugins for 360 degree image rotation. Basically, these work like jQuery sliders but they display images with an extra twist. They are capable of displaying images in any angle. This gives an opportunity for viewers to look in detail a product in all conceivable angles in an e-commerce site. See how these plugins work and share with your experience if you have tried any of these personally.

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20 Useful and Free T-Shirt Design Tutorials

Aside from the usual graphic illustration and designing skills required in creating t-shirt designs, there are also unique approaches which are distinctly applicable to this trade alone. From the conceptual stage, the designer has to take into account that the theme of the design is for a t-shirt, not a poster, a flyer, a canvas, or a web application.

In the end, you have to realize that somebody will eventually wear your design and as such, you should be aware what kind of crowd you are designing for and why they should wear your design. Some group of people might be attracted to a certain design while others may not show any interest for it. Thus, geeky t-shirts may look attractive for web aficionados while it might not be so to other people. Generally, people like designs that can influence one’s opinion or at least make him aware whatever message your design carries.

Aside from that, you should also be able to determine the scales of your designs. T-shirts vary in sizes and so you should also have the right scale to be used on a specific t-shirt size. Also, you should be able to know where to position your print properly. If you intend to put your design on the center of the t-shirt for example, you have to realize that women generally have larger chests than men and so part of the design might be a little elevated. Also designs can be placed at the back, at the bottom part of the right or left corner, etc. You see, designing t-shirts has its own unique demands and it is better if you are aware about the best practices, methods and procedures being followed by professional t-shirt designers.

So, to help you acquire some skills that can help you make t-shirts prints, we are sharing with you some of these free t-shirt design tutorials. Here, you can find a step-by-step procedure on how to make beautiful, creative and professionally crafted t-shirt designs. Follow them and enjoy!

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