35 Free and Premium WordPress Widget Plugins

WordPress is a great platform but normally, WordPress themes are not powerful enough to deliver all the functions and features that every user wants for his site. Luckily, there are third party WordPress plugins that can extend the capability of the native templates thus giving websites the unique and specialized features they need.

In this article, we are sharing with you some of the WordPress widget plugins that you can use to power up your site in many ways. These plugins are specifically designed to help you add and move around widget areas in any theme and provide you with specialized features.

Here, you will see premium as well as open-source plugins so you have the best of both worlds. You can always take the freeware solution if you don’t want to spend, but if you are a serious webmaster who want something with good support, and updates, you consider using the premium ones. It all depends on your needs and your determination on how important the plugin for you. Share us your thoughts and experiences using these WordPress widget plugins and others similar to them that you might have tried before.
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20 Useful jQuery Animation Tutorials

At present, we live in times when jQuery is the standard in web animation. It is a lightweight JavaScript library that makes interaction between JavaScript and HTML possible. You can see its application all over the web with lots of websites using jQuery slider and carousel plugins to add a lightweight yet beautiful transitioning image display mechanisms on their pages. The application however is not limited to this. jQuery is also used to add fancy effects on navigation menus, login forms and many more.

If you want to learn how to create jQuery effects on the other hand, there a lot of free jQuery animation tutorials and some of these are found in this article. Here, you will see jQuery animation as used in a number of ways. These are great tutorials if you want to get hands wet in crafting simple and beautiful website animations. Check these tutorials and share with us your learning experience.
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30 Beautiful Digital Fonts for LED Signage Designs

Selecting fonts appropriate for the design is a routine task for designers. Although there is no single right and wrong font for a certain design, there is however an almost general consensus on what appears to be an attractive font for the given work and what is not. This being the case, the artist has to choose the font that could enhance the visual appeal of the art rather than diminish its aesthetic aspect.

While the choice ultimately rests on the designer’s personal taste and decision, it is but a matter of blending with the mood, the theme and of the emotion it seeks to exude that affects font selection process. And to begin with, it is necessary that designers should have a treasure trove of fonts ready to be used in different circumstances. For example, if you are working on a design or photo manipulation involving the hippie or rock culture, you can use some tattoo fonts to support the context of the art.

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50 Great Pricing Table Designs for Inspiration

Pricing table performs an important function in a business website. It plays a very significant role of helping people decide to avail the products or services that the company are selling. Being an element of web design that would finally seal the deal, and provide the company with returns of its investments, it therefore follows that extra care must be taken to make it perform effectively. To make that happen, the designer must not only take into consideration the aesthetic aspect of the design like the colors, typography and the icons employed, but the usability of the pricing table as well.

Right now, among the trends in pricing table design is the use of columns as opposed to horizontal layout. This technique allows for easy comparison of products since they are all displayed side by side. In so doing, it is beneficial to highlight the differences and special features of the items. A great way to do it, is to place the distinctive characteristics at the topmost row, leaving the lower portion for common features. This way the visitors would know the difference from the start.

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35 Amazing Fractal Art Wallpaper Showcase for Desktops

If you are sort of a curator of artworks or one who has an eye for anything creative and beautiful, it is not surprising that you are already familiar of, or that you have already cast your eyes to fractal art. This kind of digital art oftentimes produces abstract patterns with brilliant and beautiful colors which are difficult to ignore.

Indeed, fractal art exists natively as digital images because it is not painted or drawn by hand but instead using some fractal generating software like Apophysis. They are generated through mathematical calculations in which a geometric pattern is repeated in a successively smaller scales resulting to the appearance of irregular shapes and surfaces.

In this article, we are showcasing some of the beautiful fractal art renders for your enjoyment. Also, these artworks are big enough so you can use them as wallpaper on your private desktops. Just go to the source of these images to see these fractal art wallpaper objects in their full sizes. Check this abstract wallpaper collection in the form of fractal shapes and enjoy!

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40 Examples of Skillful Use of Ribbons in Web Design

The use of ribbons in web design is not a recent trend. In fact, it is a proven technique which, at this moment, is still practiced in web design. From time to time, you will notice creative designers using some image or illustration of a ribbon to highlight key elements of the design.

If you happen to observe, you will see that ribbons are common in navigation menus, call to action, as well as on the headers of websites. Also, some artists prefer to employ ribbons to draw the visitors’ attention on logos and in some parts of the webpage. In general, psd files of ribbons are used wherever the artist requires a certain part of the design to standout from the others in a beautiful and artistic fashion. Luckily, obtaining ribbons and other user interface design kits to enhance the appearance of websites, is now easy because a number of such files are available on the web for free.

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30 Beautiful Retro Vintage Package Designs for Inspiration

Retro vintage is a typical design of the old which has staged a comeback in today’s art trend. During its heyday, retro vintage graphics, as they are called now, were designed without the aid of powerful graphic software like Photoshop or Illustrator. You see, everything was handcrafted down to the smallest details.

Indeed, you can only imagine how hard the design process was since you did not have the benefit of using some retro fonts, as they are called at present, that come in handy in creating beautiful typography for your labels, flyers, posters and a lot more. Even the sharing of know-how and experience on how to come up with better designs, was not developed then unlike now when we have all the learning guides on the web, including vintage Photoshop tutorials to help us create designs inspired by the bygone era.

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50 Amazing Free Flyer Designs, Templates and Tutorials

Flyers are great business promotional tools that you need to hand out if you want to promote you a business, a program or an activity. Being so, flyers need to be attractive and inviting to the eye so the people who receive will receive them will pay attention to the contents of the flyers.

Coming up with a great flyer design however is not easy. It takes a great deal of talent, creativity, experience and exposure with different flyer designs and layouts to be able to make a beautiful design in less time. To help you out, we are sharing with you some helpful resources that you can use to improve your skill in this area of graphic arts. Here, you can find inspirational and beautiful examples of flyer design which is best viewed in tandem with Beautiful and Artistic Examples of Poster Designs.

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40 High-Quality Free Navigation Menu PSDs

One of the important features in a website is the navigation menu. It is the menu that users can interact with the site, explore its contents, and otherwise benefit from what the website is offering. From the web design perspective, a navigation menu should be clear and simple in such a way that they can guide the visitors how to go along with the site easily. Also, it is a necessary that navigation menu should look attractive to enhance the experience of the users with the site instead of getting them bored.

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30 Creative and Funny Animal Photo Manipulation

Photoshop is a very powerful software and it can be used to perform different designing tasks. Among others, it is highly capable to edit photos and even substantially alter their basic appearance. In this article you will see some of the creative and funny animal photo manipulations that effectively show how great Photoshop can be at the hands of those who has the right skill. Having a decent online portfolio or gallery to showcase your work is of course essential, and it is actually not that hard to build a cool photography website if you use WordPress themes  for photographers.

Here, you will see different animals manipulated to share the attributes of animals other than they are. I you like this article, please share it to your friends. We will also be happy to hear your comments and suggestions at the end of this post. Enjoy!

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