15 Top Twitter Clients for Better Twitter Campaigns

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Twitter is one of the world’s most loved social networks, empowering people to communicate through micro-blogging service. Brands seek to be active on Twitter in order to give themselves a social edge online and market their product better. Sometimes, managing accounts on Twitter can be laborious, and this is when the Twitter clients come in handy, easing out the Twitter workflow for you.

In most cases, Twitter clients modify the way we post and view tweets by giving you access to a multiple number of Twitter accounts, in an innovative interface and linking it to  other social media networks. Here, we are sharing with you some of the great Twitter clients that you can use to beef up your social media campaign. Some of these items are browser-based applications as a plugins while some are desktop based variety. Either way, these are awesome tools with useful individual features. Check these out and enjoy!

Twitter Feed


Twitterfeed is a utility that allows you to feed your content (for example, blog posts or any other content that supports RSS feeds) to twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms. It enables publishers to bring content to a wider audience and track the performance through real-time stats. Twitterfeed takes your RSS feeds and sends new items to the social platforms of your choosing (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.). You can customize the format of the posts in the ‘Advanced Settings’ of your feeds. It supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



You’ll be able to link multiple social media accounts with Seesmic, which works well with most of them, especially Twitter. Certain design features like rounded edges, spacing, content placement and attractive colour schemes makes it easy on the eye. Seesmic is also known to be extremely easy to use for uploading photos and videos, with inbuilt link shortner and location tagging.



An interesting feature offered by HootSuite is ‘Autotweeting’, which lets you auto tweet your blog post across different feeds when you make an update to it. You can also schedule your tweets with HootSuite, helping you drive more traffic to the desired links. You also get to know about the latest trending topics through What the Trend and easily set up tabs.



TweetDeck witnessed a number of updates since its acquisition by Twitter, and continues to be an extremely popular Twitter app with a very likeable user interface. TweetDeck also gives you an option to schedule your tweets and manage multiple social accounts.



Known to introduce sharp control through colour codes, Twimbo is a Twitter client offering extensive personalization options for your dashboard. Users can select the kind of activity they want to see on their stream with just a click, and utilize the built in RSS reader to discover content worth sharing. The music player also makes it to the list of attractive features of Twimbo. All these clients have attracted a lot of users globally to provide a hassle free Twitter experience and it is advisable for you to try these out individually to pick the best that suits you needs.



twhirl is a desktop client for the Twitter microblogging service. Most of the features available on the Twitter website are accessible through twhirl, too. Plus, a lot of usability enhancements have been added. twhirl is based on the new Adobe AIR platform that allows web development techniques to be used to create desktop applications. It is powered by the Flash-based Flex 3 framework, also from Adobe.



CoTweet is a web based, multiple-user,  Twitter client that allows you to manage two or more Twitter accounts and assign social media interactions to team members. It is ideal for businesses wanting to be more proactive by having a response-oriented  customer service activity in place. CoTweet enables follow-up or update to be assigned to a certain social media personnel of the team who can provide the right answers to the questions raised by the followers. Also it has an On-Duty status that lets you know who are taking the social media campaign for the certain period of time.



Echofon is a Twitter client that runs right on the browser as plugin. It automatically keeps unread tweets in sync between your computer, your iPhone and your iPad. Also, Echofon apps can notify you of mentions and messages. Duplicate alerts are avoided and you can set a sleep period.



MediaFunnel is the easy to use, enterprise social media engagement platform for protecting and promoting your brand. Your team will generate more consistent and relevant content for your organization’s audience by making it simple to involve more employees in the posting of Tweets, Facebook posts and other social media content.



BirdHerd lets you control your group Twitter account through the use of direct messages (DM’s). You can send these direct messages from any Twitter client you currently enjoy – Twitter.com, HootSuite, TweetDeck, Tweetie – If you can send a direct message, you’re good to go!



Splitweet us an ideal Twitter client for heavy personal and corporate users. It allows you to manage multiple accounts and automatically updates your stream. There is also a brad name tracking feature where you can keep track of the custom searches aside from your usual stream.



Tweasier Twitter client is packed with useful features includinginfluence rating which is revealed directly in your Twitter stream. You can read messages from your friends, tweet, direct message, favourite, unfollow and even shorten your URLs – all from a dedicated on-site Twitter client.

My Tweet Place


My Tweet Place is a web app created for all those who need an effective twitter client to manage their community, using it from everywhere (without install required!) Just open your browser and start tweeting! It has multiple account functionality where you can use as many accounts as you want, add or delete some of them, and of course you can set the default one. You can schedule tweets, to be tweeted on a specific date and time. You can also edit or delete them, and selected various accounts to be tweeted from. Switch to autopilot and keep a good ratio, following all your new followers automatically!



Twitscoop allows you to receive, send tweets, and find new friends instantly, without ever reloading your page. It real time display of tweets enables you to keep in touch with the latest trends and news from other Twitter users.



Twitpic allows you to share your photos and videos as they happen.

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