20 of the Best Kindle Fire Cases You Can Have

Right now, the web is saturated with the news of Amazon’s Kindle Fire dominating the U.S. Android table sales. Recent figure gathered by Comscore has the Amazon’s tablet posting 54.4 percent of Android tablets sold in the United States, beating Samsung’s Galaxy and Motorola’s Zoom by a wide margin. Currently, Kindle is still the second best selling tablet after Apple’s iPad, but surprises do happen in the tablet market. Sales of Kindle Fire is on the rise due in part to its price which is more than $200 lesser than the iPad. This tremendous success of Kindle Fire has contributed greatly to Amazon’s increase in sales that exceeds Wall Street’s expectations for the first quarter.
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10+ Useful Twitter Analytics Tools Worth Trying

To get the most out of your social media promotional campaigns, it is important that you take care not one, but all the popular social media networks. This is reach the most number of people who are using different social media accounts. Right now, we have a number of social media networks, and each of them requires a different approach in promoting a brand. There is however one thing which is common among them, and this is the need to track your performance in every social media network that you are using. You need to do it so that you will know if you are the getting the right results out of your efforts.
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15 Social Media Plugins for WordPress You Should Know About

Next to SEO plugins for WordPress, social media plugins for WordPress come in the order of importance. It is essential because a website especially in its initial stages of operation usually does not have the power to pull itself high in the search engine results page.

With social media plugins, you can share the contents of your website to the different networks and drive traffic in while you are building up your strength to rank in Google and other search engines.
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40 iPad Apps Bloggers and Internet Marketers Should Check Out

Being a blogger or an internet marketer requires that you do a lot of activities. From preparing content for the site, and negotiating with customers, to promotional campaigns and server maintenance, bloggers and internet marketers always have to a number of tasks to do make his business profitable. All these tasks however can be performed well with a desktop computer but not while on the go. Thanks to iPad! Continue reading “40 iPad Apps Bloggers and Internet Marketers Should Check Out”

Ways to drive more traffic to your site with Google+

Google has years of experience in search technologies and has continuously delivered highly professional search results providing users exactly what they’re looking for. One of the recent changes brought to Google+ is called ‘Search, plus Your World’, which helps site owners to efficiently drive traffic to their sites using these handy tools from Google.
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Viddy, the popular social video sharing app

A smart app called ‘Viddy’ made it to the headlines recently for registering over 4.5 million users to its network, adding around 125,000 users every day. Viddy is a short video editing and sharing app which lets you record 15 second videos, edit with the available ‘production packages’ and then share it across different social platforms.
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Automate your social life online with ifttt

Many of us seek to automate our social media activities online to simplify the task of handling different social accounts on the web. ifttt.com offers some extremely useful automation services by linking various third party applications, creating automated tasks and macros, following an interesting ‘if, this, then, and that’ operating philosophy. When a certain trigger is encountered with, the service automatically manages your linked online social accounts with the created tasks on hand.

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Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

The tech community was buzzing on Monday with Facebook having acquired the popular photo sharing app, Instagram for $1 billion in stock and cash. This deal gives the social networking giant a huge new database of users, estimated to be around 30 million to improve its mobile marketing strategy which seems to be lagging with Facebook. Recently, the 17 month old start up had released an Android version of its app, registering close to 1 million downloads on the first day itself. This deal was the very first and last of its kind as the Menlo Park company readies itself for a May IPO for an estimated $100 billion.

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Instagram for Android released on Google Play

The best iPhone app of 2011, Instagram released its Android version through the Android Market (now Google Play) on April 3rd. The extremely popular photo sharing app was exclusive to iOS devices for 18 months and had rapidly built a large 27 million registered user community, with 67% of them being active on a daily basis. Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram believes this Android release is to multiply the user base and photo base on the network by a great bit.
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Social Media Tip: How to efficiently use #hashtags on Twitter

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has gradually turned into a top social networking platform that generates more than a billion tweets every 3 days. Social media enthusiasts love this micro blogging service for its being easy to use and for its being a source of latest news and happenings from people they follow. Twitter being instrumental in graphing the social media trends has built a strong community of its dedicated and active members, run by the Twitter lingo and other associated features. One of such features are hashtags.

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