A Look at the Website Designs of Famous Celebrities

Celebrities are known primarily because of their talents and also because of their looks. More often than not, these people are good looking which is often one of the reasons they become popular. This is especially true to celebrities in the movie and music industries.

Being people whose looks and image to the public is essential to the success of their career, celebrities have to be packaged in a way which is appealing to the audience. This includes not just their appearances on TV and in movies, but in almost every other aspect as well including their professional websites. Their website designs therefore have to look great and truly charming to the viewers who adulate them much.

Here, let us check how the websites of some of the famous celebrities look like and see for ourselves if we like their designs or not. Beautiful or ugly, good or bad, each of us has our own concept of them. Let us know what you think by typing your comments below. Enjoy!  Continue reading “A Look at the Website Designs of Famous Celebrities”

Creative Coming Soon Page Designs

When planning a new site or online service it can be useful to let people know that something interesting is coming soon. Even better to collect emails for letting people know when the site goes live. The same is true in situations where a site must be taken down for a period. Showing an error would be unwise while providing information about what is going on is best practice and the least a webmaster should do to retain regular visitors. As you can see below coming soon page can be quite creative and fun. This helps on visitor first impression and showing that you did something special and put effort into a coming soon page send the signal that what might be coming soon is a quality resource.

It is possible to implement a cool coming soon page fast and easy by using a coming soon template. Continue reading “Creative Coming Soon Page Designs”

15 Amazing Examples of Cave Photography

Some of the most beautiful and stunning places on earth can be found in caves, deep below the world that humans know and control. Because caves are often inaccessible, a trip inside them is a risky adventure not just for ordinary visitors but most of all for photographers who explore them to capture their secrets. Shooting decent photos in caves can be a daunting task even for experienced photographers. Bringing the necessary equipment inside and adjusting them correctly for the set is a serious challenge.

Because it is difficult to move around in a cave, majority of us would probably not dare to visit these wonderful yet hostile places. Luckily, even without going into one, there are many amazing photographs that we can see to enjoy the queer scenes deep inside the beautiful caves around the world. This article shows some of them. If you take great shots yourself and consider sharing them online in an portfolio you may get a lot of benefit from the photography theme collection. I think WordPress is the best platform for getting started quickly and with a professional and easy to manage website.

Here, you can find 15 great examples of cave photography that strongly supports the idea that cave photography can be delicious eye candy.

If you are interested you can find some tips on Cave Photography here. I hope you enjoy!
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Simplify Lets You Control iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio From One Interface

Mini-player apps for Mac OS X are quite useful however often they only support one or two media players. This isn’t perfect for people that have collected music over time in different players. In fact switching between players can be quite irritating. The optimal solution could be Simplify. It is a light weight and simple to use desktop controller and shortcut customizer that helps it users control iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio from one interface.

Just like most other mini-players, Simplify shows the current playing track and album cover on your desktop. You have access to most needed controls like play, pause, and skip by clicking on the mini-player. Further Simplify offers a number of customizable shortcuts that work on all three players. As expected it is also possible to choose between a few different sizes and themes, allowing Simplify to blend in nicely with your desktop.

Simplify  is a $4.99 download for Mac OS X only.

Application Screenshots

Simplify media player for Mac OS X

Simplify Tracks overview

Coffee Break Helps You Schedule the Breaks You Need

Taking a few breaks during a long and busy work day can be really good for you. However while it should be so simple it isn’t easy at all. Once deeply focused and engaged in a task we simply forget or defer the break. Developers and designers in particular can be completely absorbed into a computer for hours. Since movement is so important creative people have tried to solve this problem by creating Apps that keep an eye on the time for us. Most of these Apps simply fire an alarm e.g. every 30 minutes that users can easily dismiss. While better than nothing it is often more annoying than effecttive. The Coffee Break App for Mac is different. It allows you to plan breaks and duration. When the timer goes off, Coffee Break will let you know that it’s break time, and the app will then slowly darken your display so you have to stop using it. Ignoring this order to take a break is really hard!



Once you have installed Coffee Break, you configure when you want to be reminded to take a break, and for how long. Up to five breaks over the course of the day can be planned and of course you can enable or disable them individually. You can control how much the app dims your screen, but the default is around 90%. Once the break is over, your screen will return to normal, and Coffee Break withdraw itself. It then runs quetly in the background keeping an eye on the time. It is however available in your menubar if you need to change anything.

Coffee Break is available in the Mac App Store for $2.99. More information can be found here.

See here how it works.

Please share your opinion and experience using break timer applications.


Steve Appleton, Micron CEO dies in plane accident

Steve Appleton 51, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Micron Technology, was killed in an aircraft mishap, Friday morning at around 8:30 AM, in Boise airport, Idaho.

According to witnesses, Appleton attempted to take off his fixed wing experimental aircraft and after a while, he landed back and flew for the second time. While his plane was up by about a few hundred feet, witnesses claimed that it lost momentum and began to take a plunge. He was the only one on-board and has been recorded to have made a distress call to Boise airport control tower, before his plane smashed on the ground.


Photo by: Micron Technology

Meanwhile, in a press release, Micron confirmed that Appleton was indeed killed in the plane crash and that the company will give more of the details in connection with Appleton’s death later.

Micron Technology, Inc., is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of high-tech semiconductors. With its worldwide operations, Micron sells a full range of DRAM, NAND and NOR flash memory, packaging solutions and semiconductor systems, essential in advanced computer systems, consumer and mobile electronics, networking products and many others.

It can be remembered that today’s crash is already the second aircraft tragedy for Appleton, an avid aviator who is known to have performed aerial acrobatics.

Renowned for his “passion and energy” around Micron community, Appleton started working for the semiconductor firm in 1983, shortly after graduating at Boise State University.  He was first assigned in the production line on a night shift, and later rose to the ranks to hold key different important positions in the company. He became production manager, director of manufacturing, vice president of manufacturing, until he assumed the position of CEO in 1991.

A key manager and talented leader of a global technology company, Appleton leaves behind his wife, Dalynn and four children.

Cool Apps To Manage Your Code Snippets

Learning to write code isn’t easy for most people and one of the challenges simply is to remember the many constructs needed to be effective. While some would say Snippet Management Apps are more useful for complex programming languages they can be useful for taking some of the load of your brain no mater what language you are coding in. So if you have countless bits of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP that you struggle to store effectively in your head and for that sake effectively on your hard drive you need a Snippet Management Apps? Do you keep on re-typing or copy/pasting commonly-used pieces of code over and over again? Which by repeatedly copying and pasting pieces of code into text files and the like is disorganized and wastes your precious time.

A snippet is a programming term for a small construct of re-usable source code or text. Snippets are often used to clarify the meaning of an otherwise “cluttered” function, or to minimize the use of repeated code that is common to other functions. However snippets can be almost anything. Could be as well be text you use often e.g. to copy into mails.

This post gives an overview of some Snippet Management Apps for Windows and Mac and some that are available online.

Code Bank (Adobe Air)

Code Bank is a code snippit manager with support for a local database as well as a shared database1. Code Bank also has syntax highlighting for multiple languges including C++, ActionScript, Flex, HTML and SQL to name a few. Code Bank also has a simple revision history with a compare viewer so you can see the changes side-by-side between two revisions.

Code Bank (Adobe Air)

Smipple (Online)

Smipple is a social service for saving, storing, organizing, and sharing snippets of code with your friends and coworkers. Make friends. Improve your coding skills. Earn bragging rights.

Smipple (Online)

Snippet Bin (Win)

This application allow you to store your snippets and insert them anywhere using shortcodes e.x. //for could insert a for loop. Snippet Bin also pastes dynamic snippets using parameters.

Snippet Bin (Win)

Snippet Manager (Win)

Snippet Manager is a free utility for managing your code snippets in a variety of languages: VB, C++, C#, Java, SQL, ASP, PHP, HTML, even COBOL, Assembler and Fortran. You can also use Snippet Manager to manage plain ASCII text data. With the developer-focused search tool, you can find the code you need by using regular expressions or simple search criteria: language, category, dependencies, keywords or the actual code that you are looking for. You can also publish your snippets online for your personal or company use, and password-protect them so only those you want can access them.

Snippet Manager (Win)

Snipplr (Online)

With Snipplr you can keep all of your frequently used code snippets in one place that’s accessible from any computer. You can share your code with other visitors and use what they post, too.

Snipplr (Online)

mySnippets (Mac)

mySnippets is a a clean and simple application that makes your code snippets—as well as clippings and files—available at your fingertips. You just do a single click or press a single keystroke and you have your snippet. You can group and color-code your snippets however you want, you can quickly search and access recently-used snippets, and you can print and export your snippets.

mySnippets (Mac)

The Snippet Manager (Win)

The Snippet Manager is exactly what you’d think it is – it’s an application for managing snippets. That may sound a little basic, but it’s a feature–rich application for managing and searching public snippets, which have been shared by users worldwide.

The Snippet Manager (Win)

Snippely (Mac)

Snippely is a basic text and code organizational tool. Instead of storing bits of code, quick notes, and memos in text files all over your hard drive, this application will let you save and organize “snippets” in one convenient location.


codesnipp.it (Online)

Codesnipp.it is a social sharing site made just for developers by developers. Codesnipp.its are pieces of code, plugins, or anything developer related you’d love to share. These may be simple one to two line pieces of code you have trouble remembering, or something you’ve written completely from scratch.

codesnipp.it (Online)

Snippet Monkey

Snippet Monkey saves you countless hours monkeying around by allowing you to create shortcuts for phrases you frequently type. We call the phrases snippets and Snippet Monkey allows you to create new snippets from the clipboard or via our easy to use snippet editor.


Nokia Lumia 900 Can Now Be Pre-ordered at Microsoft Stores in the US for $25

With the projected release of Nokia Lumia 900 this March, Microsoft retail stores are now accepting pre-orders of the device at  $25 according to The Verge.

Although there is no confirmation of the selling price of the gadget yet, once it hits the market, many are speculating that it would be $99 with an accompanying contract with the telecom company AT&T for two years.


Photos by: GSM Arena

Considered as the most powerful Windows mobile phone to date, Nokia Lumia 900 boosts a 4.3″ AMOLED ClearBlack glass touchscreen display, 1.4 GHz Scorpion processor, 16GB storage and 512 MB RAM. It comes in cyan, and black colors on a hard polycarbonate body.

As for its web connectivity specifications, it is equipped with Wifi and EDGE technology, Bluetooth Stereo Audio, and USB 2.0 High-Speed slot, all in a sleek and competitively priced, Windows powered Nokia Lumia 900 mobile.

Pinterest : Ahead of Google+, You Tube and LinkedIn Combined in Referral Traffic


Shareaholic has already released the results of its study, and it shows greater volume of referral traffic driven by Pinterest last January 2012, than Google+, YouTube and LinkIn combined.

Comparing the growth rate posted by Pinterest last December 2011, its January 2012 figure is higher at 3.6% against the 2.5% it made a month before. While Pinterest is experiencing a boost in its referral traffic statistics, Google+’s on the other hand dropped. YouTube and LinkdIn, however, both experienced a slight increase. YouTube now has 1.05% share of referral traffic, up by 0.07% of its previous 0.98% rating. For LinkedIn, a 0.02% growth is what it got for January 2012.

Photo by: Shareaholic

Meanwhile, Facebook, although ranks number one with 26.4% of traffic referral coming from it, only managed to grow by 1%, way below Pinterest’s 3.6% mark. These are all based on the data coming from more than 200,000 publishers with an aggregated unique monthly visitors of 260 million surveyed by Shareaholic.

To date, Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking site ahead of Facebook. It works like online pinboard where its users can organize and share things that they discover on the web to others. Overtime, it looks like a specially selected collection of items that can help friends discover their likes and interests.

With all these developments, it is interesting to know what will happen next, and what changes would the management of these social media sites adopt, in order to gain more shares in traffic referral. With the impending IPO of Facebook this coming weeks, and the rise of Pinterest, it is very exciting to know what the statistics will say next. Let us just wait and see.

Facebook Timeline Will be Mandatory: Are you ready?


For many social media users Facebooks new Timeline feature is a hot topic. Basically Timeline is a new view of the information Facebook has collected which exposes user’s entire history. Until recently Timeline was an opt-in feature but Facebook announced that it will become mandatory now over the next few weeks.
If you are not already using Timeline you will be notified via an announcement in the top of your home page once the profile is being migrated. From there on you have only 7 days to remove content from the Timeline otherwise it will be included in your Timeline..

Critics say that Facebook users may have photos and conversations going back a long time that they would not want to surface. Some users may not realize how important it is to clean the timeline in time. With Timeline, people can see your photos, status updates, and other content, arranged chronologically by year, and by month. Depending on how actively you have been sharing this effectively gives other people an idea of what you have gone through in your life, where you been at a certain point of time, and what you have said to your friends. Further many Facebook games and Apps post automatically to the Timeline so if you use Spotify all music you are listening to may be posted. Problem is that once you install an App and authorize it to post to your profile and news feed it will do so in the future without asking for your permission again.

It is time now to carefully consider what Facebook Apps and games you use and how open your Facebook profile is to the public. Being careful going forward is however not enough. Once you get Facebook Timeline you have 7 days to clean it up and you probably want to.

Whether or not you will take the risk of more access to what used to be hard-to-access or hard-to-locate information about yourself, that has already been buried deeply somewhere in your distant past or not, is a question that you have to answer yourself. Ready or not ready.

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