Join Twitter Today! Recruiting Video Is So Horrible It’s Good

Ever heard of Twitter’s official “Hack Week“?  It is all about giving extra space for innovation through experimentation and guess what it is probably a lot of fun and who knows – it may work pretty well. People are taken away from what they typically do and have to collaborate and develop new ideas on topics they like. Almost 100 teams with Twitter employees with mixed skills were formed this year and it was not driven by management.

One of the Hack Week projects was to make the “best/worst recruiting video of all time.” While Twitter employees were faced with a difficult task You can consider the job done with success. Most will hate it so much that loving it is impossible. Sounds strange then watch it yourself.

The recruiting video make use of all the ugly effects you can imagine, intentionally bad actors, flying text in odd colors and so on but it is a good laugh.



If the video inspired you and you are interested in applying you can go to Twitter’s job page for another video made in a similar style. Here you can also see a listing of available positions. Another good idea is to follow @JoinTheFlock for employment updates.